Monday, March 26, 2012

Wine Glass Grip For Dishwasher

Just found these on sale at Target. Honestly, I would have passed these up, but two things caught my eye.....the picture of a wine glass and the sale sticker. $3.48 for a set of four. Genius! Slip them on the rods, grip them to the stem.

I tried to find them on-line, but had no luck. I did notice they are hard to come by. I found this but, it looks a bit awkward:

What do you think??

When I have people over we go through a lot of wine, Champagne, etc. I am always fearful the stemware will break in the machine. I am usually hand washing at least 10-20 glasses after a dinner party. Is this going to Change my life? No, but it will definitely make it better!

Sunday, March 25, 2012

Easter Wreath

I made this Easter wreath while at a Girl Scout Camp with Lucie. It was simple to make and I like the look.

You can purchase this burlap ribbon at most craft stores. You might find it in the floral area. It was under $5. This is only 1 of the projects I have made with it. It's a great deal. Use floral wire to create the bow. loop and tie with wire. Doing this makes for a much better bow then simply tying it. You use less material as well.

The wreath itself was purchased at Goodwill. It was a hay filled wreath and cost $1.99. I find them at Goodwill all the time.

Hot glue gun your favorite embellishment and voilĂ !!!!
Happy crafting!!!!!!!

Thursday, March 22, 2012

Here is a past post on the Easter Eggs I made for this year's brunch:

Thirft Store Finds!

Thrift store shopping! I had a nice break at the local Junior high school yesterday. It was made even better by the fact that it's a block away from our local Goodwill. I LOVE this goodwill. Woodland is an old farming community and there seems to be great stuff every time I go in there. Yesterday I found two things I'll probably keeping.

I liked this basket and thought the little bird was a bit (not completely but, close enough) shabby chic. It's from Pfaltzgraff, 1996 Naturewood collection. I liked that there was a textured basket weave on this ceramic basket.

It's sold on Ebay for about $34 dollars. I paid $3.99. It's of no major value but, I liked it and it looks cute on my table.

I also bought a silver candle holder. $4.99. I check for corrosion and didn't see any. You always take your chances with silver. Usually polish up pretty well though. I think it's pretty. I wish there had been two.

I tried the trick I read about on Pinterest. Fill the sink with aluminum foil add all silver and warm water, 1/2 cup salt and 1/2 cup baking soda. The tarnish is drawn to the aluminum foil. It did work. Took a lot of the dark grim off. I still needed to polish my goodies but, it was a lot less work!

That's it. Two fun finds. :)

Sunday, March 11, 2012

Garage Sale Season

I swore. I promised. I vowed to myself....NO MORE CLOTHES for Lucie. I really did well yesterday, for me. I saw the piles of pink, ribbon bows, sequences, you name and I didn't even glance over. I must have told myself several times. No. Nope, no more clothes for Lucie. But, then I remember she did ask for a swimsuit. She needs some new ones. Most of her suits come from garage sales. I know, cringe, but, these women could be my friends. We share right? besides, I wash everything the minute I get home. It's part of my garage sale ritual. I broke down at one garage sale and had a small relapse. She had the cutest things and was getting rid of the her twin girls' bedroom items. Up-dating. So....I did get some clothes for Lucie. Not like I have in the past. In the past the entire back seat has been completely packed with clothes for her. I have dressers filled to the brim with size 10 things she will get soon. Her closet is packed from left to right with no room to budge. So...I was good. Here are a few things I couldn't pass up.

I couldn't buy Lucie clothes without buying a few things for her American Girl Dolls. All of these were $7. They are all in great shape and adorable.

American Girl Doll Clothes $7

I probably spent the same on Lucie! :) Here are some of the things I bought for her yesterday:

These don't count. She needs swimsuits! I love the Surf shirt. It will be great in the hot sun in Vegas this summer! No sunburns please! The blue bikini is Old Navy. Always check the elastic on swimsuits at garage sales. These both past my test.

New Sandals. These don't count either. She always needs new shoes and can wear these to school since they have a back strap. 50 cents. I don't think they were ever worn.

I couldn't pass up the pink Gap vest. Lucie may only wear it a few times this year but, at $2 I think that's okay. It was cute. Perfect condition. The sweater and sweatshirt may make it to next year. Both cute and practical. $3.50 total here.

At these prices, most $1 or 50 cents, you never feel bad about the big stain they come with the first time they wear "New" clothes. The Roxy sweatshirt they leave on the playground and never come home with....oh, well I can get another one next Saturday.

This is the perfect example of what Lucie DOES NOT need. This will be her favorite though. It's grown up and "fancy' She has a pair of brown sling back peep toe "high heels" that will match. $1.00 for a Bonnie Jean dress in perfect shape.
She'll love this. doesn't need it. I think I saw these recently at Target. It's new...I don't think they ever wore it. Funky and fun. 50 cents.
Soft fuzzy robe. Lucie loves robes. it's cute. Looks new. 50 cents.
So, this is me being good and not buying much. It's really hard NOT to buy things when they are $1 to 50 cents.

Besides, how long will I be able to do this? She loves everything I buy her at garage sales. She loves having all these clothes and never questions were they come from. When I see something I really like at more expensive stores I can buy them because, well, I never HAVE to buy any clothes from a store. So, when I do, it's just for fun.

Lucie loved all the Clothes!

Sunday, March 4, 2012

French Raclette

Have you ever had a Raclette? Chances are, if you have been to France during the winter months and stayed with French friends, you may have experienced this fun tradition. You can easily re-create that experience here in the United States. A raclette is melted "raclette" cheese poured over small baby potatoes and deli specialties such as Prosciutto, Pancetta and salame. What's not to love?

When I was young and living in France the first time...I was just getting used to all the courses of the French meal. ALWAYS remembering that five more platters would be coming out of the kitchen and take teeny tiny amounts. This always confused me and I found eating out at peoples' homes to be stressful. I just wasn't used to it. Always course after course....except of "course" the raclette. It is the only course served and this tends to be an exception in France. I learned the hard way. The first time at a friends house I was so careful to only take one sample of the raclette and eat it painstaking slow. Only to find out, that was it. No more course. I was starving and mad that my boyfriend at the time hadn't warned me. :)

A raclette is a great choice for entertaining as it is unique and easy.

Here's what you'll need:

1) A raclette appliance. Actually easier to acquire than one would think. I was sad I had to leave mine behind in France but, thrilled that I found one at!

It's surprising how many there are to choose from!

2) Raclette cheese. This can be found or special ordered at a gourmet deli/grocery store. The reason we had raclette tonight is that I stumbled on a nice piece at a great store in Sacramento. If you're a foodie and live in Sacramento you know about Corti Bros. it's been around since 1947. Excellent products and gourmet finds. The Nugget, and David Berkeley's in Sacramento also carry it or will special order it for you. I have gotten it from both place. Since it's not popular in the United States it comes with a price tag. My chunk (about 1.25 lbs. was $20) That's okay. It's a once a year deal.

3) Pork cold cuts. Here is what I bought: Parmesan Salame, Ham, Parma Proscuittto, a Domestic Proscuitto, Molinari Pancetta, Mortadella, Coppa, and Genova Salame. You can't go wrong. Get what looks delicious.

4) Baby fingerling potatoes.

5) White wine to enjoy with the raclette

6) and I suggest a fruit for dessert....this is a filling meal.

Here is the raclette:

Here's my raclette I purchased on It's a Hamilton Beach. It's large and serves over 8 people if need be. The top serves as a warmer for you potatoes.

My Raclette cheese. Sliced to fit nicely in the small spatula like holders below the big grill on the raclette. 

Although my husband is French,he is a poor example. No French person on Earth would pile up their food like that. One at a time and slowly. I think he was excited.

Waiting for the bubbling cheese.

I was pleasantly surprised that Lucas gave it a try this time, especially since I went overboard on everything! He had a lot of fun!

Keep in mind this is perfect for a chilly cold evening in Winter!

I'd like to thank my friend Nathalie who recently posted about having raclette with her friends in France. I had it on my mind when I asked at Corti Bros.
  Her blog is great!