Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Barratts, Songbird Teacups and Saucers

It's Time for tea!
The day after Stan left for France, I received a big package...

It was my Barratts, Ironstone "Songbirds"  cups and saucers made in England. I have enough time to find a little hiding place for them before he gets back...or I can invent a story that goes something like this..."Why these old things? I have had them forever!" I've told you before that I have nothing that matches blue. That's why I rarely use my wedding china. So how on earth can go about buying something else blue? But just look at these precious teacups. Look at the sweet songbird...

I just love this little vintage lamb planter. He has a....flaw on his bottom. No. I just couldn't use the word "crack" in that last sentence, but yes it's true.
I told myself, don't buy it with that big crack. I am so glad I didn't listen. You can barely see it and he is just darling, even with is imperfections! You'll giggle too...he was only $1.99.

I found my Barratt teacups on....drum roll....I am always telling everyone about it: Not crack, chip or anything. One saucer has a bit of crazing. I really do love them. I really should sell them....I don't want to. There are a total of 6 cups and saucers. NO ONE bid on them...except ME. $9.99. I am telling you. I had no choice. I keep thinking of the teapot that matches. There are a few on line!!! Somebody help me!!!!

 Bisous, Mes amies!!!

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Saturday, February 23, 2013

Spring Centerpiece

 Spring is in the air. We have been very fortunate here in  The Northern Californian Valley. It's felt much like spring since January. It rained last week and we rejoiced. I have a fire going this morning, but it is mostly symbolic as I know will be too hot.

 For spring, I add moss and twigs to my large vase and topped it off with yellow and brown eggs. I found this wonderful kit at simply add to an existing vase at Target. $4.99. It came with plenty of eggs. It was the last vase kit available.
 I found my cute moss birds at my local Belair market. They were marked down to $5 and $3.50. I find so many goodies there. Remember my heart shaped jeely beans were from Belair as well.
 I found my stash of Tussie Mussies.....none of which sold at my one and only vendor show. I had spring, Christmas, and Halloween Cones. I was asking $2. They are made from Hymnal Sheet music from 1938.
 As a last minute idea I added my Pfaltzgraff, Naturewood sculpted basket. I love this find from Goodwill. It was $3.99. It's too modern to sell on Esty. This happens to me all the all time....oh, what to do. I am obligated to keep it. Wink wink.
 I added Rosemary to my basket. It's fragrant and pretty wit it's lavender flowers.
 I think I prefer the basket as a centerpiece, funny how after thoughts can become your favorites.

It has been windy so it feels colder than it actually is. This weekend I am staying in and just dreaming of the gardening projects to come.
 I am looking forward to all the fresh flowers, the fresh cherry tomatoes and moments spent outside watching the children play.

Thanks for visiting....and all your thoughts and prayers......they mean the world to me.


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Thursday, February 21, 2013

 Buddha is happy to be out of the closet. I find him and the ideas of Eastern Religion soothing an calm. 
 He is perfect in my room as there is a slight Asian flair to my colors and furniture.
 Looking back on the original and then the gray...they just didn't work. The red is perfect. Hum...didn't put the duck back in a good spot. Can you believed I carried him around Home Depot for a color match? Lame.
 It's 9:20 am and Stan is doing some last minute packing. I am driving him to airport in San Francisco this morning. Can you believe that it's been almost month since his mother was diagnosed. They have started NO treatments. This makes me nervous.
 This is the amoire that faces my bed. Our TV is inside. This was one of our first garage sale purchases when we moved back to The States. $130. I painted it black. Martha Stewart really popularized that color back then. I loved it. The pine cone sculpture is another garage sale find...$3
 So my friends, if you are Buddhist, Hindu, Christian, Jewish or Muslin...I hope you are finding peace in your world today....
 Here are a few things I tripped over in my room....cute. $2 Where to put it? What to paint it? My blogging friends would do something fabulous with this piece. Me...well, it's just collecting dust right now. Any ideas??
 Mirror...also $2. No wall for it. Scared to ship it on Etsy. They sell for about $95 on Etsy. So it just sits against the wall on a floor. It's very large and would be great in a white shabby color.
 And this cool shelf...I have a matching frame. Just sitting on the floor. :( I wish all lived next door and I could just run this stuff over if you wanted it. You do fabulous things with them! paint or not to paint??? Lucie has a rummage sale coming up at school. I think I might be the one with the most donations! Let's hope so...because these are just a few of my projects I am not doing.....

Okay...I am off to San Francisco. I have a heavy heart for Stan and I am very stressed about the weeks to come. It's hard to do it all on your own. I just emailed both teachers and cancelled the kids conferences. I am working all week and just can't do it.  We'll see how it goes....