Monday, August 27, 2012

Candy Making For Kids, by Courtney Dial Whitmore

I won! I won! I won! was a great prize!! Do you ever enter the blog giveaways? Guess what? You really can win. I was thrilled to see "Our winner is Karen Reyna!"

Stephanie at, Anna and Blue Paperie is wonderful. If you don't follower her already she's a must on your list! I follow Stephanie on facebook and love all her posts. She was having this great giveaway. You see the details Here:

I couldn't resist entering. She was giving away a copy of, Candy Making for Kids, by Courtney Dial Whitmore. Right up my alley.

Yay! What a fun book! I am so excited. As a special treat, Courtney included these adorable mini backing tools...a whisk and a rolling pin! How cute is that? Are you a fan yet? Like Courtney at The Pizzazzerie on Face Book....

My copy is signed by the author! Awweee! Thanks, Courtney!

I think Lucie and mommy are going to make some cute cute sweet treats! Believe me we have already picked several out!

A sneak peek at some of the great treats! Hey...craft+candy?? It doesn't get better!

Adorable! Bravo, Courtney! Your book is fantastic!

I have already planned on a few treats for Christmas. I can hardly wait. I will post on it and show you! Get a copy today, believe me you'll love this book! So cute!

Thank you, Stefanie,  at Anna and Blue Paperie and thank you Courtney at Pizzazzerie!!!!!!

Thursday, August 23, 2012

First day of School!

Yesterday was Lucas (pronounced Luca) and Lucie's first day of school.

Lucas and Lucie ready for school!
 Lucas is in 6 Th grade. It's his last year of elementary school here in Woodland, California. Lucas goes to Beamer, a dual-immersion school, where he has English classes half the day (English and Math) and he has another teacher for Spanish (Science and Social Studies.) Lucas is completely bi-lingual now after 7 years of Spanish immersion. There are no Spanish classes, it has just been taught to them in one subject or another since Kindergarten. Lucas came home with some exciting news......Maestro Sergio let him know that he got 100% AGAIN on the state testing in math. Amazing. We are very proud.
Lucie in front of Mrs. Ziegler's classroom
 Lucie just transferred out to an English only school as we thought she need extra emphasis in English only. Lucie has gained more confidence here at Zamora Elementary school. I hope it continues as well as her growth. Speaking of growth, can you believe she's be 9 in September? We have had her tested as she is about the size of a 5 year old. Poor little Lucie girl. She is just the sweetest. She's wearing a size 6 skinny jeans. I have the same problem...when buying my skinny jeans I always have to go down several sizes!!! Bahahahaha. We are positive and hoping for a big growth spurt this year!

It was perfect last year as Lucas was in the after school program and Lucie took the bus to and from Zamora every day. I never had to worry where I worked and when. Both the bus and after school program bought me enough time to pick them up after work. GUESS WHAT? I promised Lucas his last year he didn't have to go to the after school program..............AND over the summer they cut all the buses in our town. NO MORE school buses. Good luck folks, figure it out. There is NO more money for our schools here in California. I am not sure how I am going to do it. I work at the high schools and Junior highs....well Junior HIGH. I can no longer work and the Junior high that gets out late. The kids would have to wait over an hour for me if I did. I have to pick the kids up at two different schools in opposite ends of town. They will both be waiting over 30 for me. I can no longer work on Wednesdays as the elementary schools get out an hour earlier than the Jr. high and high schools. Oh man.

So, would you believe I met a new mom at Lucie's school yesterday that said, " Can I help? Would Lucie like to walk home with us everyday?" I live around the corner. After several texts and a's going to happen! When times get tough, people come together. I am very lucky. I think most days I'll be there right as they are getting home. I am hoping it won't be too much for her. I still made the right choice to change schools. Each child is different and this was best for Lucie. Easy for us? No. But, best for Lucie.

So, that's it.......first day of school. I start tomorrow. I am subbing for high school math. Momma never got a 100% on any math test, especially not the state tests, so hopefully no one will ask any questions tomorrow!

Monday, August 20, 2012

My new addiction

Okay....I could spend hours on here. What's better than your local Good Will??? Getting to shop Good Will all over The United States from the comfort of your own home. Like Transferware? Vintage Pyrex? Jewlery? is just amazing. Go ahead....browse, bid, or buy. Tell me what you think. Shipping can be high priced, but it is on just about any site. Personally, I think this is amazing. I have yet to bid but I think my day is coming. Soon.

 Look at this set of dishes....starting bid $5?? Excuse me?

How about these? Starting bid $6. Yes, please.

Christmas is coming, how about these? Bid is at $11.99

Okay....I'll stop there, but it goes on and on. It's just so fun to even browse. So check it out. Just google... Or click here Let me know what you think!

Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Thrifting Thursday!

My air conditioning is working again!! The kids had a sleep over with Grandma (love that woman.) I had a good nights sleep and I am ready clean, organize, and post! I did a lot of shopping this week with no air conditioning at home I had to get out, right? I have been so bummed that I never seem to get lucky finding full transferware sets. That's what I want! So look what I found two days in a row!!

Getting a little crowded. Hee hee. Again, it's not that I have too much stuff. It's  the house.

It's not English, but it counts as a transferware, right? Double Phoenix, Nikko. Could never find the pattern name, but I really like this Dutch scene. 

I was so tickled to find this. I could only see the teacup as they were stacked on the top shelf. I had that set down in my cart quicker than you can say hoarder.

It was easy to find the name of this. It's Churchill, Antique Rose. I know what you are thinking. Didn't I just do a post on having too many dishes? Yes. Shhhh. I also made room in pantry, if you don't remember. :)

I am very happy with these dishes. I am going to keep them. I plan on doing a tablescape with them. I will enjoy them and use them when we have people over for dinner.
So....the best part of my Thursday finds? Each set was $10.99!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Tuesday, August 14, 2012

First Vendor Experience

Aughhh. I should have known that having the air conditioner go out on Friday was a sign. We were in for 107 degree weather all weekend and I was going to have my first vendor show, outside? There were several times my husband looked and me and said, sure we want to do it? Somehow at some point we decided to go through with it. I don't regret it completely, but there were tears.
I am the quintessential Virgo and had everything planned out.
But with blazing hot temperatures I just felt like throwing everything on the table and pouring a bottle of water over my head.
My vintage suitcase and Shabby Brocante banner.... So worried I didn't have enough confetti. Didn't sell any. I might wander aimlessly through the house today throwing it around like a crazed woman. Without air conditioning it reaches about 91 degrees inside the house by 5 p.m.
On this side I had my moss letters and burlap things. I sold a few scrabble letter magnets and one chalkboard frame.  What a mess this is. 107 degrees and very little shade, who cares! Oh, and just look at that crowd. Everyone comes out on a nice day like that! :)
Nothing sold here. Look at that vintage sheet music. Cute little girl. Moss letters are my best seller in Etsy.  I made so many for this show. 
I thought this would cool people off. Nope. Didn't sell one tussie mussie. Is it the crowd? Lack there of?  You start to doubt everything. 
This was our big seller. Tomato juice?? It was a Tomato Festival. :) Had to convince my husband to open on the coolers and show off the goods. Once we did, we were selling them like crazy. So stupid with the Styrofoam cooler back there. I am telling you, I had no energy to make things look any better than they were.
My banner looked cute.....not as cute Lucie though! I am so Lucky I had Lucie and Stan. Boy, were they helpful. Well, except the time Lucie said "A  $1.50,  that's expensive, Mom." right in front a woman. that...not so good. Her enthusiastic energy throughout the day...good.  Stan fixed up a car battery we had in the garage and added a cigarette lighter deal and I had a working fan on me all day.  That made it bearable.

It was disappointing to have sold close to nothing. Too hot to make my displays nice and overall discouraging.  When I drove away with Lucie  and my big hot red tomato face, I burst into tears. I made enough to cover the price of the booth and to buy a pizza that night. Oy Vey. So much work. Stan is convinced we should try again. I was impressed with his attitude and interest in the whole thing. I am very lucky.

The next day the kids went to an amusement park with friends and I had a much needed date day with Stan. We went to see Hope Springs.  Excellent movie, nice lunch.....maybe I'll stick to those two activities from now on. :)

Thursday, August 9, 2012

Halloween Lanterns

As you know I have a problem. I like things. I like it when things are on sale. So, I guess that's how five black lanterns ended up in my bag at target when I wasn't even looking for little black lanterns. They were on sale for about $1.18. That's my excuse. I immediately thought of Halloween when I saw them. I just found them the other day and thought I'd decorate them.

Cute as is....but needs a little bling

Just a little bling. I always tend to keep things simple.

I know this is a simple little project, but doesn't it really change it up??? I love the little tinsel garland (found that in one of those big Christmas bags at Good Will. Always filled with a bunch of stuff. You never know what you'll get. Love it.) The skulls are from Michael's and sold with the stickers. They are heavy duty and more like a piece of jewelry. I hot glue gunned them on. I think I am finally getting ready for fall.

I am joining "A Potpourri of Life at 2805" for Potpourri Friday!

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You have to go see Vintage Gal Style's wonderful giveaway! I am participating and crossing my fingers!  Karen

Tuesday, August 7, 2012

A Special Treat From Marcia!

It doesn't happen often, so when it does I am like a little kid!!! I got mail (and it wasn't a bill). It was real mail.....the cutest kind ever. Look what I got from Marica at, The Shop Around The Corner:

Beautiful card with a pretty hand-written note
Inside the envelope, a sweet little transparent pocket
But, what is inside?
A gorgeous crown with all it's golden glory!
I haven't been bloggin long, I haven't joined many parties yet, Marcia made me feel so welcomed. I love my blogging community.
I cannot tell you how much this meant to me. I received this pretty handmade party favor for taking part in Marcia's, "Snow In July" party. Her blog party was amazing and I was tickled and surprised when I learned she was making each of us a gift. Wonderful blog, wonderful lady! Thank you , Marcia! Go see Marcia's wonderful blog! SHOPBUTTON

Monday, August 6, 2012

Williams-Sonoma, Union Square San Francisco

Do you love Willaims-Sonoma as much as me? Well, how about a three story store right in downtown, Union Square, San Francisco? This the ultimate William-Sonoma experience. Step inside this gorgeous building with me and fall on love with the gourmet delights William Sonoma has to offer.

How cute is that? It was a typical teeny French "truck."

As you walk in...I wish you could smell the delicious garlic that was cooking upstairs at the cooking show. The store smelled so yummy.

Gorgeous displays everywhere. On the other side, there was a red kitchen. It had a built in roisterer for the wall in red. Yes, please.

3 floors of gourmet love.

Lined up by color.....

You name it, they ave it........great chalkboard display!

Third floor has a great sun roof. Can you see the window in back.....great view of Union Square.


I started to shake when I saw this....

One of each please.

Look at that dome on the cutting board.


Crate, wine basket, white flower petal bowls......

Pretty place settings and tablescapes  everywhere!!!!!

Loved these......
I'd say we were here for well over an hour..........I'll be back again this fall when I Christmas shop BFF Marcy. We always buy Williams-Sonoma's pumpkin brittle with pumpkin seeds. Have you had it? It's about $20 for a small bag....and it's worth every penny. Best thing in the world! Can't wait!!!!

In case you saw something you can't live without:

Thanks for coming with me!