Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Finding Romance at a Thrift Store

 I didn’t have the heart to prune my roses this weekend. There were several buds about to burst...
 I am glad I waited. They look so pretty with my heart shaped cherub plate I found at Goodwill yesterday.
 I felt guilty for was $4.99. I think that's way too high for Goodwill.
 It WAS made in Italy, but for FTD. So, it's not what you'd call a collectible,
 It's not vintage....but it's mine and it matches my candlesticks.
 After grouping it with my pretty red roses, I am glad I splurged.
Tonight we are watching, "To Rome with Love." Have you seen that yet? It looked good. Stan is coming home early and we are going to enjoy it together. We hardly ever do that on week nights. I guess I am just in a frivolous mood!

Have you seen any romantic movies lately?


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Monday, January 28, 2013

Old Sugar Mill, Clarksburg, California

 Leave it to Jennifer and you have friends that are always in the "Know"? You might remember our friends, Jennifer and Sawyer from our wine tasting trip to Sonoma: here.
 Yesterday, they invited us to a wonderful place just outside of Sacramento, called, Old Sugar Mill. It's an...well you guessed it, an old sugar mill. Built in 1935....see the construction and history here. Some of it has been remodelled and turned into tasting rooms. It's just a fantastic idea.
 Just 30 minutes away from Woodland, 10-15 from Sacramento...and you can visit 8 wineries! How wonderful is that?
 The wine tasting was fantastic and the other benefit is that Jennifer and Sawyer are members of so many wineries that we tag along for free tastings! Here in California you'll pay about $16 for a tasting (which includes several wines).

If you are member your tastings are free, you receive invites to different events, you can bring guests and you get discounted wines.
 We were treated to a free tasting at Todd Taylors. They specialize in reds. All of which were De-lish. It was a special event that also included homemade paella.
 We tasted at Carvalho's as well. Excellent wine and a wonderful woman serving. Nice experience. They also make port...we both bought a bottle of their port. It was fantastic.
 Just a perfect day. An amazing site...
 We all loved wondering the property and taking in this beautiful run down buildings with so much history. There are plans in the making for refurbishing most of it.
 Coucous, les filles!

 Can you imagine a big barn style wedding here? Well, they do them here! How fun! What wonderful opportunities for fantastic pictures!
In fact, some professional photography was taking place. Lucas and Thea came rushing over to tell us all about the "Naked Lady/stripper." It was a lingerie model. Sawyer and Stan stepped in to find out what all the fuss was all about. They are so helpful with the kids!

 Look at these doors...
 You don't see a lot of construction like this in California.
 I love the broken windows, the gutted walls and mystery.
 It's hard not to snap pictures here. It's eerie and beautiful.
 We also tasted here, at Draconis, where we were served by the owner.
 What a fun day.....we'll be back! Bring a can be chilly. Bring a camera, because it's an amazing place to take pictures! 

 Leave your pretensions at the door. There is none of that here. Just good wine. bon vin!

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Thursday, January 24, 2013

Vintage Crate Vignette

Last night while visiting my friends in blogland, I came across Kathe's fabulous Valentine's Day vignette. She totally inspired me to try my hand at creating a vignette in a container. Here's what I came up with:
I love Kathe, from Kathe with an E. This is not the first time she has inspired me. If you aren't already following Kathe, hop on over and do so!! She has a fabulous party coming up on Tuesday too!!

        You can find Kathe's post Here.
Isn't Her Valentine's Day Vignette just perfect?

It was fun to fill up the crate with goodies, but a lot harder than it looks. I love this shabby crate. first project with the curtains....okay, I know this doesn't count!!

My , Warren Kimble, Barns plates seemed to be a perfect match. I just got them out, wanting to do a tablescape, but....I only have three of the large dinner plates. I found a few more on line. I am thinking I might break down and buy one more. ON one site, the shipping was $19 for one dinner plate. Yikes.
I love shabby, but I also love this country look. I do like my red. Red makes me happy.
I found the set of four Warren Kimbles last week and a Goodwill Outlet Store of 50% off. The set of four came to $3.50. The red barn dinner plates I found for $1.99 at Goodwill almost a year ago.
Can't quite see all of my cute plates. I think that's the hard part. I think a funky wire rack would help. Probably an excuse to buy something else.
At first I tried the vignette with old rusty red star. I also used a big black and white pitcher I just bought guesses it, Goodwill $2.99. My big metal star (decorates a wall in my sad is that?) was $5 at a garage sale and the woman almost apologized for it's shabbiness and told me I could paint it. Nope. i like it rusty, crusty and shabby.

Thanks for stopping by and seeing what I was up to!!! Have you done a crate/suitcase vignette??



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Tuesday, January 22, 2013


 I have been going through the boxes of products and vintage goodies that I did not sell at my first vendor show. If you remember, I didn't sell much at all. Including these little cherub candle holders. I think I was asking $3 for the pair.
 I love my new off-white runner I found at Goodwill. It was $2.99. How about these ribbons? They are currently at Michael's for $2. They had other colors as well. I also bought one in pink. But, today I am going white and off-white.
 I added some of the ribbon to my Cherubs and my old creamer. Everything is very subtle...

 I like this monotone look. My next project, perhaps this summer, is to paint my living room. I think I like the color of this table runner. Maybe I'll go with that.

                         Here you can see the baubles on my little cherub...

 I like this neutral Valentine's Day look. My red polka dot  mugs are back in the hutch.

I recently found these curtains at Goodwill as well....I knew it was a mistake, number one...there are four. I have three windows. Not two. I just couldn't resist. They were $2.99 a panel. I have washed them and ironed them.
They were handmade curtains, and she/he used a lot of fabric. The red and white stripes cover half the back of the curtains. Oh, the things I could make if I could sew...or had a machine. That's my garage sale goal this year. I see machines all the time. So I am getting one this summer! I'd make a table runner, a pillow for the bench at my table, little stuffed heart pillows, maybe some valances for the kitchen.....what else could I make? Do you like this fabric as much as me??

                                                             Gros bisous!

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