Sunday, December 30, 2012

What did I get with my $50 gift certicate to Williams-Sonoma?

 You might remember, back in my "giveaway winning streak" in December, I won a $50 gift certificate to Williams-Sonoma!! I also won a Mrs. Smith's Deep Dish Pie!!! Thank you so so much Kelly from, Semi Home Made Mom!!!
 Can you believe all that I got from Williams-Sonoma?? This is an amazing time shop many great sales right now!!! My total at the register? $50.79! Pretty close!!

 I was so excited when I saw they had ONE more of these left in a big basket! Woo Hoo! I saw these on Pinterest. How smart is this? Five sugar cookie shapes on one stripe. no dough wasted and five cookie per press! I got the two trays for....$6.95. On sale from.....$19.95 jarred, make that five!! Normally $18.95 a jar, mine were $4.95. Expiration date; 2015. Score!
 Lucie was my little helper and found a few things she liked too. Look at this darling tartan apron for the little chefs in your life!!! It was marked down to $21.95, but when I arrived at the register it rang up as $6.99. Amazing! Darn. I didn't think quick enough, but I bet the stockings like this would have come up at the same price!!! Rats. I might have to go back ;) What is Lucie holding??? A hard-boiled egg kit that makes your egg into fun shapes! What?
 Since she loves hard-boiled eggs and always takes her own lunch to school I said, sure! $10 let's give it a try. How could say to no this little face?She could hardly wait to try it!
 Let's give it go, what do think? Egg seems huge! Hard boil eggs, cool in ice....quickly and not too long. Press into the mold.
                          Let them sit for 10 minutes in the ice water bath...
                                                         It worked!
She'll be a hit with these in her lunch box. I have to say....pretty darn cute!!!

What do you think??? Did I do well???



Friday, December 28, 2012

New Year's Eve Tablescape

Here are the plates I made yesterday....
 I can hardly wait for it....the noise, the yelling, the kissing, throwing confetti and screaming....Happy New Year!
 It's no wonder out of all my tables, the entire family was most excited about this one. Even Stan said twice that he loved it.
 It's festive, it's fun and for me...over the top. It's glitters it shines, it sparkles.... Just like our hopes for the new year to come.
here I  added bits and pieces from last year. Clocks down loaded from google and glitz-ed up with glitter. I always print on Kodak picture paper for glossy thick printouts.
                               My New Year's Eve Top-hat Center Piece
 Originally purchased this paper mache hat to make a snowman hat. Well, I never had time to tackle that. So, it's my little New Year’s Eve top hat. Guess what? They still had these at 50% off in Michael's yesterday!!!!! The minute and hour hands were also on sale at Michael's for 99 cents. I glamed them up with diamonds and pearls!
My place marks were printed out form Tom Kat Studios...they were for Champagne glasses...but I re-purposed them here. I used silver Christmas bulbs...again on sale at Michael's yesterday. The four place markers came to $1.

 My New Year's Eve hats were purchased at Belair (local supermarket) for 25 cents after New Year's Eve last year!)
 We plan on going out to dinner and coming home for a yummy dessert....just the four of us.

 My disco balls were also 50% off in the Christmas sections of Michael's. A total of $3 for three big bags. They were mixed in with royal blue and red....
 I have a feeling someone will end up wearing this.....I  promise if it's me I'll have someone get a picture ;)

 I am think cheese cake might look good on these plates.......

 I added sticky dots to the Champagne flutes and sprinkled the with silver glitter. The were easy and are very cute on the table. Hard to get a good picture with a light back ground.

 You can see them here against my red wall. They are fun and pretty and easy to do. I used Aleene's Tacky Dot Roll. Double sided sticky dots. They are easy to use and will quickly peel off after the party!

Okay.....I know it's just the four of us, but time to plan a balloon drop!!! Monsieur Stan really gets into this!! Did I mention I LOVE New Year's Eve?

Do you cry, like me  when you hear, Auld Land Syne?

Should auld acquaintance be forgot,
And never brought to mind?
Should auld acquaintance be forgot,
And auld lang syne!

For auld lang syne, my dear,
For auld lang syne.
We'll take a cup o' kindness yet,
For auld lang syne. 

                                                Happy New Year!!
                                                   Gros Bisous,

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Thursday, December 27, 2012

New Year's Even Plates Dollar Store Style!

 I love clock faces for New Year's Eve. So, I thought this was perfect project!
 $1 (of course) plates from the dollar store. I only needed four, but I got an          extra Plate just in case! I used a Black Sharpie and a light blue Sharpie.
 I am terrible. I don't like to measure or calculate. I rush into everything. My husband is just the opposite. Very meticulous and mathematical.
      Two light blue dots to mark the unlabelled hours. Just simple.
            A minute hand and hour hand. I went for a simple modern look.
 Whatever design you pick for what occasion it may plates in the  oven      at 250 for 20 minutes to make your drawing permanent.
Can't wait to set the table wit all the shiny blue, silver and black dealy-bops we got!

Tick tock, tick tock, it's almost New Year's Eve!!!!!!!!

****Ahhh...I washed Lucie's plate and all the color and design went running down the drain. So....Please use PORCELAIN pens!! I going to re-do mine with  Sharpie "Paint" pens. I'll let you know :)  ****


Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Christmas recap and Last years New Year's Eve Post

 Hoping you all had a very Merry Christmas! We had a nice relaxing Christmas!
          Lucie loved all her presents, doing a puzzle with Daddy and was very excited Christmas morning!
 Lucas got an iPod and new Purple (his favorite color) Headphones. Here he listening to his DSi while some songs download on his iPod. Now he really won't ever here me calling for him.
 Our neighbors surprised with a big platter of homemade cookies. Wasn't that sweet? husband prepared the best turkey ever!!!

And momma? Momma got a Cricut Mini. I cannot wait to start playing with it Stan said he'd help me this weekend. Huh? Not sure I can wait that long. Also, I can't wait long to get my decorations down. As much as I love Christmas I kind of attack it the day after! We'll see. Maybe I'll just lounge around with the kids today!!!!

So here is an old post from last year:

I've started slowly taking down Christmas and mixing in some New Year's fun.
I love my banner from The TomKat Studio. It was so easy to print out. I used photo paper so it was thick and shiny. Love it.

I just used clothes pins, that I sprayed with adhesive spray and sprinkled with Epsom salt, to clip onto a cute black and white ribbon. The clothe-spins look like snow.

 Also from The TomKat Studio, My "new print" I framed...."Time To Drink Champagne And Dance On The Tables." I think they made that just for me. This was also a free printable from The TomKat Studio.  (  It matches my banner and ties everything together. I printed it out on photo paper and it looks fantastic!

Some clocks to accent the print....countdown time!!

More clocks on the mantel....all of which are printed on photo paper...all free printables on line. Google "clock faces" in images. I added glitter to the numbers and or edges, with a Martha Stewart glue pen...those pens are wonderful! That made them more fun and sparkly and isn't that what New Year's Eve is all and sparkly?

More mantel clocks in antique flower frogs. I am so limited as what to put on my mantel. I believe it's about 3" in width. So I am happy with my little clocks.

Okay.....I still have really cute Champagne tags to use....need some pictures of those. Might need to open a bottle of Champagne early just for blog *wink* Here is picture of those from The TomKat Studio:

Aren't they cool?

Monday, December 24, 2012

Merry Christmas

                       From our home to yours...we wish you a Merry Christmas!

Sunday, December 23, 2012

The adventures of Topper, Our Elf on a Shelf.

                                Topper's journeys are coming to an end.
 He brought a lot of joy into this house. The children were very surprised when he showed up with this red and white Mail box. How did he know that Lucie has wanted one for years?!!
 And, a mail box that delivers chocolate on a daily basis...oh my. Momma wants one too!
 He definitely has a wild side. Here, he somehow talked Madeline into a late night party.
                                    Momma could not believe the mess!
               Snow graffiti? Really topper? Like we didn't know you were here.
 Topper always has a way of making up for his the morning he covered the whole tree with colorful candy canes! Thank you, Topper!
                                  A little ride in Central Park Hallway....
 Lucie thought this was cute....especially his new hat and scarf. Personally, I felt bad for Madeline!

                                        Umm....that's not snow Topper.
 Like I said, you can't stay mad for long....look at this cute vintage tea set for sweet topper. What a cute surprise.
 It's been worth every minute....the kids just loved him. I have to say Stan enjoyed it too and had some great ideas. This morning I woke up and thought, "No!" we hadn't done a thing with Topper last night.  But, when I went to quickly move him, he was gone. Stan remembered to help him out. Good job, Monsieur Stany!!
                   And of course, you probably remember his first appearance...
Two more evenings and than he will hide away until next year. Tomorrow he may just be hiding on a shelf or somewhere silly, but according to the children; they just know he'll be our tree topper on Christmas! Great idea kids....sounds easy!