Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Christmas recap and Last years New Year's Eve Post

 Hoping you all had a very Merry Christmas! We had a nice relaxing Christmas!
          Lucie loved all her presents, doing a puzzle with Daddy and was very excited Christmas morning!
 Lucas got an iPod and new Purple (his favorite color) Headphones. Here he listening to his DSi while some songs download on his iPod. Now he really won't ever here me calling for him.
 Our neighbors surprised with a big platter of homemade cookies. Wasn't that sweet? husband prepared the best turkey ever!!!

And momma? Momma got a Cricut Mini. I cannot wait to start playing with it Stan said he'd help me this weekend. Huh? Not sure I can wait that long. Also, I can't wait long to get my decorations down. As much as I love Christmas I kind of attack it the day after! We'll see. Maybe I'll just lounge around with the kids today!!!!

So here is an old post from last year:

I've started slowly taking down Christmas and mixing in some New Year's fun.
I love my banner from The TomKat Studio. It was so easy to print out. I used photo paper so it was thick and shiny. Love it.

I just used clothes pins, that I sprayed with adhesive spray and sprinkled with Epsom salt, to clip onto a cute black and white ribbon. The clothe-spins look like snow.

 Also from The TomKat Studio, My "new print" I framed...."Time To Drink Champagne And Dance On The Tables." I think they made that just for me. This was also a free printable from The TomKat Studio.  (  It matches my banner and ties everything together. I printed it out on photo paper and it looks fantastic!

Some clocks to accent the print....countdown time!!

More clocks on the mantel....all of which are printed on photo paper...all free printables on line. Google "clock faces" in images. I added glitter to the numbers and or edges, with a Martha Stewart glue pen...those pens are wonderful! That made them more fun and sparkly and isn't that what New Year's Eve is all and sparkly?

More mantel clocks in antique flower frogs. I am so limited as what to put on my mantel. I believe it's about 3" in width. So I am happy with my little clocks.

Okay.....I still have really cute Champagne tags to use....need some pictures of those. Might need to open a bottle of Champagne early just for blog *wink* Here is picture of those from The TomKat Studio:

Aren't they cool?


  1. Merry Christmas Karen Mary Butterfly! You will love your Cricut. So many things you will create...ahhh. I say, spend time with your family today. Although, you probably are like me and it feels so big and clean when everything is gone. Maybe the kids can help!! Happy New Years to you and your family! Cheers.

  2. Gotta love a man that can cook such a fine turkey! I'm still cleaning up the Christmas mess and not exactly moving very quickly on it. Then, it's on to New Year's!

  3. Your Christmas sounds lovely...and I love all of the fun ideas you shared for New Years decorating, too! Thanks so much for stopping by today!

  4. I must admit I hate taking Christmas down and drag it out as long as I can. Love your New Years decor - especially to clocks. Glad you had a great Christmas

  5. You have me wanting to take down Christmas now - but I really don't have much by way of NYE decor..........and getting down Christmas is a really really realllllly big deal.............maybe one more day first.

    I am feeling so overfed and lazy and sleepy today, must be that snowfall.

    Thanks so much for your loyal visits.

    That's what I really want to do - just catch up on all the wonderful posts I missed due to the incredibly busy events leading up to Christmas!

    Happy New Year to you and yours!!

  6. I'm like you....I nearly always take all my Christmas down the day after. I have most of it down right now, in boxes and tubs to be moved to our new home a little later.
    Love your pretty New Year's birthday is NY's cool is THAT. :)
    Your kids are sooo cute and you cute husband's turkey looks AWESOME.
    xo bj

  7. Hello Karen, looks like your family really had a great Christmas.
    love the clocks.
    I am so tired! I have been entertaining up a storm and my body is showing it.
    About the glasses, yes I found those glasses by Hobby Lobby.
    That shop has some awesome deals.
    Here's hoping you have a fabulous New Year.
    Happy holidays. Linda

  8. wishing you a wonderful new year, karen! i LOVE the clock decorations! your kids pics are adorable, too:)

  9. The turkey seems so yummy! And what about the dancing on the table? Did you? :-)
    Happy New Year Karen to you and your lovely family!

  10. Looks like a happy Christmas all around! Can't wait to see what you do with the Cricut Mini -- have fun! Thanks for your comments on my Christmas and cake pop posts. Yes, Lucie looks to be the perfect age for the cake pop kit! You can make them without it, but it adds to the fun factor.

  11. I want one of those Cricut Minis! :) Maybe when I'm all healed up!????

    Thank you for visiting sweet friend. Happy New Year to you.

    Love, Rebecca PS: Always inspiring when I visit you!


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