Thursday, December 13, 2012

Brown Paper Packages....

Bright pretty packages from Mamy and Papy in France!!
 Arriving home from school this week, the postman pulls up in front of the house
I always get wonderful treats including gorgeous decorative sugar cubes on left. The red boxes are my candied chestnuts wrapped up in gold. A sweet box of artisan chocolates and more.
 Our presents from France have arrived!! Look at my gourmet goodies....
 Waiting until Christmas is tough.....but dreaming for now.
 What? The postman had even more!!! Mommy won two wonderful giveaways!!
 I love my sign From Castle and Cottage!
 My pillow from Judy is so so cute! See her fantastic shop here!!!

Another day of Christmas joy!!!!!!!

Only 7 more days and 130 essays to grade on my last long term job!!!



  1. Oooh Karen... what beautiful gifts from France!... the chestnuts sound delightful!... and your giveaway wins are fabulous... love that farm sign and the red pillow is so pretty!... wishing you a beautiful day as Christmas nears... xoxo Julie Marie

    1. Thank you, Julie Marie! I do love candy chestnuts. It's a very special Christmas treat in France, les marrons glacés. Mamy is a great gift giver. I am sure she has some super stylish French clothes for Lucie in there! I have been spoiled with the giveways! Merry Christmas, Julie Marie!!

  2. Wow....All the way from France!!! How exciting for you. I love your Joy letters. What a lucky win for you. All gorgeous prizes. Cheers.

  3. I love it- and from France? Oh.....sigh....I am excited that you are on the count down for your last long term job. xo Diana

  4. Love the "JOY" in your home. How exciting to get packages from France! And congrats on winning some giveaways. Always fun to be a winner!
    Mary Alice

  5. Your JOY letters are beautiful! My grandchildren's other grandparents are French, and they, too, anticipate their gifts arriving from France!

  6. Oh fun! Packages from France! That would make things cheery. I'm loving your topiary and your clever crafts too. It's really happening at your place! I loved your comment! Thanks for stopping by!

  7. You lucky girl you. How fun to receive your packages. I am sure they will be treasured for many years.

  8. What a dream to get gifts from France! Congratulations on winning those wonderful giveaways! I've never heard of candy chestnuts! Love your JOY sign, perfect for Christmas! Happy Holidays!

  9. I love getting packages in the mail this time of year. What a lucky girl you have been.


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