Sunday, December 23, 2012

The adventures of Topper, Our Elf on a Shelf.

                                Topper's journeys are coming to an end.
 He brought a lot of joy into this house. The children were very surprised when he showed up with this red and white Mail box. How did he know that Lucie has wanted one for years?!!
 And, a mail box that delivers chocolate on a daily basis...oh my. Momma wants one too!
 He definitely has a wild side. Here, he somehow talked Madeline into a late night party.
                                    Momma could not believe the mess!
               Snow graffiti? Really topper? Like we didn't know you were here.
 Topper always has a way of making up for his the morning he covered the whole tree with colorful candy canes! Thank you, Topper!
                                  A little ride in Central Park Hallway....
 Lucie thought this was cute....especially his new hat and scarf. Personally, I felt bad for Madeline!

                                        Umm....that's not snow Topper.
 Like I said, you can't stay mad for long....look at this cute vintage tea set for sweet topper. What a cute surprise.
 It's been worth every minute....the kids just loved him. I have to say Stan enjoyed it too and had some great ideas. This morning I woke up and thought, "No!" we hadn't done a thing with Topper last night.  But, when I went to quickly move him, he was gone. Stan remembered to help him out. Good job, Monsieur Stany!!
                   And of course, you probably remember his first appearance...
Two more evenings and than he will hide away until next year. Tomorrow he may just be hiding on a shelf or somewhere silly, but according to the children; they just know he'll be our tree topper on Christmas! Great idea kids....sounds easy!




  1. How CUTE!!!!

    I sure enjoy hearing the stories of the elves on shelves with little children in the house.

    What fun and delight!


  2. That looks like so much fun finding the little guy all over the house!

  3. HaHa I really enjoyed reading about his adventures! Can hardly wait until next Christmas!

  4. Karen, what a wonderful and fun happening for the kids and everyone! I love Christmas, but there is something much more special when there are little kids around. I have vintage elves just like Topper and didn't put them out this year. I bet Buddy will enjoy them next year..Have a very Merry one with your family..Judy

  5. Oh what a fun post and topper is such a fabulous elf. Such a great treat for the children to follow him every day. I hope you and your family have a very Blessed and Merry Christmas. Hugs, Marty

  6. You are so cute! Love all these photos. :) Kit

  7. It looks like Topper has fun being your elf. :0)

  8. OMGosh, Karen- Those are SOOOOO funny. I just love them all...especially the flour and sled- I tend to love a mess! And, all my own did was wear a sleep mask and sleep with MyHero! xo Diana

  9. Looks like Topper is having way too much fun! The flour snow is so funny! Wonder where he will be showing up next?
    Merry Christmas to you!

  10. Topper is just full of mischief...I mean FUN! I love my little pixies here at my house, too! You just never know what to expect! I got my lovely Christmas card today! Thank you so much...I'll treasure it! Holiday hugs, Diane


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