Sunday, December 30, 2012

What did I get with my $50 gift certicate to Williams-Sonoma?

 You might remember, back in my "giveaway winning streak" in December, I won a $50 gift certificate to Williams-Sonoma!! I also won a Mrs. Smith's Deep Dish Pie!!! Thank you so so much Kelly from, Semi Home Made Mom!!!
 Can you believe all that I got from Williams-Sonoma?? This is an amazing time shop many great sales right now!!! My total at the register? $50.79! Pretty close!!

 I was so excited when I saw they had ONE more of these left in a big basket! Woo Hoo! I saw these on Pinterest. How smart is this? Five sugar cookie shapes on one stripe. no dough wasted and five cookie per press! I got the two trays for....$6.95. On sale from.....$19.95 jarred, make that five!! Normally $18.95 a jar, mine were $4.95. Expiration date; 2015. Score!
 Lucie was my little helper and found a few things she liked too. Look at this darling tartan apron for the little chefs in your life!!! It was marked down to $21.95, but when I arrived at the register it rang up as $6.99. Amazing! Darn. I didn't think quick enough, but I bet the stockings like this would have come up at the same price!!! Rats. I might have to go back ;) What is Lucie holding??? A hard-boiled egg kit that makes your egg into fun shapes! What?
 Since she loves hard-boiled eggs and always takes her own lunch to school I said, sure! $10 let's give it a try. How could say to no this little face?She could hardly wait to try it!
 Let's give it go, what do think? Egg seems huge! Hard boil eggs, cool in ice....quickly and not too long. Press into the mold.
                          Let them sit for 10 minutes in the ice water bath...
                                                         It worked!
She'll be a hit with these in her lunch box. I have to say....pretty darn cute!!!

What do you think??? Did I do well???




  1. Holy Cow- You made out like a bandit! I love all your finds. I have never seen that cookie cutter with the four shapes-that is GREAT! That egg thing is the cutest thing I ever you peel the eggs and then quickly shove them in there? Darling-who would think you could do that? I love her apron, too. GOOD shopping! xo Diana

  2. Oh, you did do good...I love all of your goodies! I've never seen an egg shaper like that!

  3. You brought home some amazing deals I would say! Happy New Year and all the best for 2013! Angie xo

  4. Whoo hoo!!!! AWESOME!

    You got an awful lot of treasures - yay!!!!

  5. What a beautiful collection! And for free. The cookie cutter idea is very clever. Enjoy your egg heart :-)

  6. You got great stuff! Those eggs are adorable. My husband bought me a food processor from William Sonoma for Christmas and they gave him a $50 credit to come back and spend before Jan. 1. I needed an iron skillet so I went straight to them without even looking around the store. I knew it would be too hard to make a decision if I looked around. I ended up getting 2 iron skillets. I went a little over the $50 but only had to pay $11. I think it was a great deal!!! I can't wait to make my cornbread in one of my new skillets for New Years Day to go along with my black eyed peas & turnip greens!!! I'm guessing those aren't a New Year's tradition in California!

  7. You did great and had fun, too! I love gift cards...if you are a smart can really stretch the money! Happy New year!

  8. Looks like you scored big! What fun! I have a couple of the egg shapers. They are popular in Japanese bento boxes for children. Me being just a big kid bought myself some pretty cool bento boxes and egg shapers and love to take my lunch to work in them. So fun! You should check out bento boxes for your daughter, she would love them. Here is a really cool blog where mom makes the most wonderful bento lunches for her children, ...I'm not so creative. Here is also a post I did on my bento I also have a Hello Kitty bento, and a bunny bento!

  9. What a great job of shopping you did! Happy New Year and congratulations on your finds! Lovely heart shaped egg, too. Congrats to the little chef!

    I read all the comments and am a big bento box fan, too. Time to hit the local Japanese supermarket, for the kid in me.

  10. Congrats on winning Karen. You definitely scored! Love your finds.
    Your little chef is darling. Happy new year Karen....Linda

  11. That was an amazingly successful shopping trip! Lucy is the cutest! I love her glasses. Happy New Year to you and your entire family. May 2013 be filled with more great deals, health, joy and wealth :)!!!

  12. congrats on your winnings! Those eggs are adorable. Thanks for stopping by for a visit!

  13. Karen,
    You got so many goodies to take home with you! I have never seen a hard boiled egg maker, how creative. The chestnuts look so yummy. I got macadamian nuts in my stocking this year. They are my favorite, and don't get them often cause they're pricey. I love Lucie's tartan apron, and what a wonderful helper she is. Happy New Year! So glad to have met you this year.
    ~Sheri at Red Rose Alley

  14. You did fantastic Karen - I've never seen those egg shapers before - how adorable and what great stocking stuffers they would make!
    Lucie's apron is beautiful ( as is Lucie!!! )
    Big hugs,

  15. Lots of wonderful treasures with your winnings! Wish we had that store around here! I'll be looking for one in our travels! Such a sweet little girl you have! I bet all her school friends will want to try her eggs! I'll have to look for one for my grandkids! Happy New Year to you and your family!


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