Friday, September 28, 2012

Super Cheap Alert

Okay. I saw a pin on Pintertest that boasted about a site that sells things for super cheap. It's a website in China. I decided to take a look. I ended up buying all of this:

Totally: $9 with shipping for all.

Fun owl trio...I wouldn't normally pick something out like this....but it's fun and was about $1.50

Pretty Locket couldn't be PERFECT....a little pearl is missing. I am not even upset.  I just can't believe I got all of this and free shipping for $9

Assuming you might want to check it out:

Shipping took a couple biggie. to order more!!!!!!

Oh my...I spent a lot this time!! $11!!

I bought a few new cute things:

$1.99 for both pieces

$1.99 for Lucie. Too bad I showed her....great stocking stuffer!

Thought this was cool.

Okay....can't wait!

Thursday, September 27, 2012

Fall Swap

I participated in my first fall swap!! It was so much fun. My partner had one unfair disadvantage though. She is talented! Boy she put me to shame! Bonnie....I love everything you gave me! Look at what an amazing partner she was:

My Fall Swap!

Bonnie's amazing banner. She made this! I couldn't have thought up a banner I would have wanted more. 

Great packaging!

When I saw the parcel I knew I was in for something special. She had so much detail and added love. The nests the birdcages and the tags! So many little touches.

Gorgeous handmade card that goes with the outside of the box. Look at the stuffing........isn't that adorable?

Packed so cutely. 

Enjoying the wee hours of the morning with my treasures!

I have been up since midnight. That's what time I woke up...this morning. It's now 5:15. I have kind of enjoyed this time I had.  I did laugh while lighting the fire. It's supposed to be at least 95 degrees this weekend.

Gorgeous craftsmanship! 
Beautiful details!!! 
along with my beautiful banner....these two sweet pumpkins. One for Lucas and One for Lucie. How sweet is that?

Okay....... homemade coasters! How sweet is that. I just love these! The colors are perfect for me!
As if that wasn't enough, I get this very cool necklace. I love it. I plan on wearing it this weekend to  a party at my French friend's house!

The necklace is made from a vintage domino! Love it.
Thank you, Bonnie. I feel very spoiled. If it weren't for you may house wouldn't feel like fall at all. with the heat I have not been motivated to decorate. I am so happy now with all these gifts and fall touches. 
 It's finally fall at the Reynas!
Poor Bonnie. I didn't not put as much effort into her gift...I tried, but I was not as clever and talented as her. For my first swap, I have to say, I really enjoyed it!!! Bonnie just made it so special!!

Thank you, Bonnie. You've seen what Bonnie can do and how fun she is so please visit Bonnie:

Also, a big thank you to Deb for hosting this great swap! She's such a sweet lady....if you don't follow her yet don't miss out:

Friday, September 21, 2012

Simple Fall Tablescape

Our nice summers in Central California make me long for fall days. 

The warm colors....

The leaves will soon be falling

Evenings filled with candle light

Warm cozy sweaters

Pumpkins patches with the kids
Comfort food

Maybe, if we are lucky, towards the end of fall...a fire in the fireplace.
Until then, we are still in sandals, short sleeve shirts, and shorts. Longing for cooler days. It's coming. I can feel it.

Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Thrift Store Find

I miss my blogging world. This long term job is wiping me out. Wednesdays are a short day in our district so I was finished with school and picked up the kids by 2 p.m. We made a run to Roseville (30 minutes away) because I needed a few things at Hobby Lobby. There happens to be a Goodwill right next door. Don't want to waste a drive for just one store! Had to hit Goodwill.

I know. My on going Christmas theme. It's like a magnet with me at Goodwill.
Can you tell what this is?? These are pillow cases! I thought, okay. Kind of cool. It would be fun to so my room up for Christmas. I can see it now with my traditional Panetone, coffee and the Parade. They were crisp too. You know, when you can tell the have never been used. I am sure half of you are saying....yeah, because they're weird!

I found the pillow cases first. Grabbed them. Then, two aisles over I see this pine cone fitted sheet. Just the solid ecru and simple green pine cones. I realized they went to together. Then I found the flat sheet. Yippee! It has the red garland trim. It will be pretty turned down. I have a whole set. No duvet or anything else, but none of it has been used. It's got the feel of good quality.

It will look good in our room. It will match my golden yellow brocade bedspread and black bed... So...$8 total for some Christmas whimsy. 
You either love it or hate. I think I like the idea of doing Christmas in the bed room. Maybe not overdone, maybe my sheets and wreath at the end of the bed.

Miss you guys!!!!!! I'll be finished with the long term assignment on October 19Th! :)

Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Las Vegas Weekend

Well....that was the life. Four nights in Vegas with my Bestie. We were amazed to find ourselves up past mid-night every night. Wild things we were.

Gambling with cocktails every day.

Shopping at Cesar's Palace....I didn't buy anything at Dior, but I did get a little something at Bath and Body Works for my swap partner!

Lunch and shopping at the Venetian

Swedish massages at the Red Rock Spa

Lunch at the Paris Mon Ami Gabi

Free buffet at the Aliante (our hotel)

Presents for the kids at the Sugar Factory.

and yes......we even hit a Goodwill while there.

Life is good....but now it's back to my long term gig, PTA meetings, Lunches every morning, skating on Tuesdays, and cleaning cleaning cleaning. :)

Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Back to School Craziness

Sometimes, the only quiet time I have is in the early morning. I have been up at 3:30-4 a.m every day for weeks now. I am tired. I need the sleep, but just can do it. I am sure it's stress. Coffee is my best friend. Here she is with a reminder I have to mail packages for Etsy today.

I had a mini field day at World Market. Here is a sneak peek. 7 new coffee mugs, a teapot, a tea kettle, and some teabag rests,  and some gourmet goodies.

Within the first week back to school, I was called for a long term job. Always a great opportunity. Over a month with the same kids, same classroom and schedule and twice the pay. It's nearly twice the work of just subbing day to day, but I think I can handle it for just over a month. This is a picture of the actual high school. This is where I'll be spending most days now teaching English until Mid-October.

Lucie started ice skating lessons. It's about 40 minutes away in the next town. Tuesday evenings. I just knew she's be good at it. The first time she tried (in Las Vegas on a floating rink in a lake in 75 degree Vegas) she had no trouble at all and was skating around like it was easy. So, I am happy. Second day of lessons and she's already learning to go backward and spin around.

Lucie's first ice skating lesson

Of course, Mister Lucas HAD to go too. After the first lesson he asked if he could try. What was I going to say? First time is free. My husband and I watched nervously as he fell...over and over again. There is in the back. Notice Lucie? She has a special radar for cameras. She went into immediate pose mode. Not sure if I am going to sign Lucas up. I am thinking this should be Lucie's deal. Lucas starts tennis in October. Did I mention I am busy?
Lucas at the end playing it cool. Not too close to the girls! Lucie....always ready for the camera.

I have been dying to tell you this....

World Market is now selling Churchill Midnight Willow transferware. You know I want to immediately but 15 place servings in my cart, but well, you've seen my post on my cupboards and hoarding dishes and....Stan was with me.

Here is what's keeping me going. I leave Thursday evening for Vegas bestie. She's never gone with me. I am excited. Of course, all the rooms are on me!!! (All my free rooms)

I hope to do some of this:
The Aliante....three nights free.

And....some of this. I was lucky every morning on this machine at The Aliante!!! If you don't play, the five  moon and stars there gets you a minimum of $20 and....50 free spins (that'a a lot) I'd hit that about 4-5 times in a row every morning!!!!!!
Mobile upload from our last visit. I can hear it de dedade de de dedade..... 

If you missed my review on this hotel, it's here:

I hope I'll some extra time to post in Vegas. We plan on just relaxing. It's so much more fun to wake up in a place like that at 3 in the morning. :) I can just sneak downstairs and play and have coffee. Can't wait!