I feel compelled to share my story. I tried to share it on Yelp, but they are often paid by companies to not post negative reviews. Please be aware of these big chain dentist offices. We have now paid out of pocket: $2,000. Both me and my husband had to have our crowns redone at a more reliable office. We are covered 100%, but were willing to pay to have the botched crowns redone correctly. Both crowns were placed by the same doctor at "Smiles." Both were done poorly and both had decay under them even though they were recently done. Here is my story:
I wouldn't want anyone else to go through what I had to go through. I had excruciating pain for over a month (during all of the Christmas holidays and New Years) and ended up having to pay $800 out of pocket to go somewhere else and have the faulty crown replaced. I paid an extra $200 to have a lifetime warranty, at Smiles, but was too afraid to go back for more procedures there. It would have been free for Dr. Flieshman to replace it, but COULD NOT get myself to go back. It was such an awful experience. I was willing to pay another $800 (Smiles charged more) to have it done it right.  I made the right choice. Don't let the positive reviews of the front desk staff fool you. While it's true that they are nice, they will not be working on your teeth. Also be aware most of the positive reviews are for cleaning.

On December 23 Rd I went in for a crown/possible root canal. Dr. Fleishman seemed okay. However, I had to ask the hygienist during the procedure what was going on. He left the room without saying anything. He seemed unaware that I'd be nervous if I needed a root canal. She said I only needed a crown. I was relieved. I thought it was strange he didn't tell me once he knew. He didn't explain much.

40 minutes after the procedure, I had to go back into the office because the pain was so bad. It was shooting up into my eye and head. I was miserable....and I was still numb in many areas too, so it was unusual to have so much pain and be numb. It was all I could do to not break down in tears.  Dr. Fleishman was in his coat and on his way out. He said it was an evasive procedure and some pain is normal and asked if I wanted a prescription. I said no, since it was probably normal.

I would go back three more times (12/26, 12/30 and 1/13) with nonstop toothache pain. I had to put ice packs on it daily, use Oragel and constantly pop Advil. No X-rays given. He almost seemed irritated with my complaints. Once, I went in and he was not working and couldn't be reached on his cell phone. I waited 40 minutes for an over the phone prescription, but no luck. I finally left with no pain killers. Why couldn't someone else help me? Twice he adjusted the bite, still never took X-rays. Only had me bite down on thin black paper. The pain had now spread to both upper and lower teeth and it was pretty unbearable.

On the forth and final visit Dr. Flieshman passed me in the waiting room before I was called in. I was nervous he was leaving as I had an appointment. Also, I was on time and about one minute away from pulling my own tooth out with a wrench. He said, he was going outside to talk to a friend. I looked outside and he there he was talking to a friend out on the sidewalk. That didn't sit well with me. Finally, on this forth visit after the crown, he confirmed I needed root canal and gave me 200 ml. of Ibuprofen. and an antibiotic. I had been taking different forms of Ibuprofen now from 12/23-1/13. They scheduled me for the root canal on 2/19. This time I did break down in the waiting room. Pure exhaustion. My holidays were horrible, working with the pain was becoming impossible and then it hit me later that evening....wait? I have deal with this pain until 2/19? That's over a month. That made no sense. another month of 200 ml. of Ibuprofen a day. I later found out one week of antibiotics would not have been sufficient for a month, it would most likely come back to haunt me.

On 1/20 I couldn't take it anymore, so I called Springlake dental. Three friends on Facebook told me to go there ASAP. They took me that day and had me scheduled for root canal...THE NEXT DAY. I couldn't believe what a fool I had been. I was going to wait a month? 

On 1/20 I had a root canal and the pain was gone. for the first time in nearly a month I had no pain. Unfortunately, that evening I developed an extreme allergic reaction and had to get myself to Kaiser the next day. Covered in hives and hands and arms so swollen I couldn’t bend my fingers. There I was immediately put on Prednisone. ($100 co-pay for the visit $46 for the meds and one sick day from work)
I then, had to see an allergist ($100 co pay) for a consult. Remember, I had been elevated doses of Ipubropen nonstop from 12/23 until 1/20. He concluded that my allergy was mostly do to that. The specialist asked me, "Didn't the dentist ask if you take Ipubropen on a regular basis, before prescribing for you?" No he didn't. Apparently, never taking pain meds and then taking that many can cause an adverse reaction. The allergist concluded it was most likely from the 200 ml 3X a day Ibuprofen and the Advil nonstop for a month. I had to stop all pain meds. Which was fine, because the dentists did an excellent job.........NO PAIN.

I was lucky to get out of there and get treated quickly. I ended up having my root canal just in time!

WORSE part:   My full mouth evaluation with my (awesome) dentist showed that Dr. Fleishman had not correctly placed the crown. The showed me X-rays. I had a big gap on the crown. It would eventually develop decay
WAIT....gets better......today (3/18) when I was finally cleared with the allergist and could get the crown replaced ($800 out of pocket because insurance doesn't pay for two crowns on one tooth in such a short time span) The dentist showed me pictures....Dr. Fleishman HADN’T gotten all of the decay out under the crown. Again I saw the video while I was there. Horrible.

GETS CRAZIER: I went back in March to ask for my $200 back for the lifetime warranty on the faulty crown and in the waiting room I run into an old acquaintance. She was almost in tears. I sat with her to tell I was there to complain. I asked why she was so upset....she'd had one year of pain and trouble....and she couldn't eat on her right side for one year. I couldn't believe what I was hearing....and you guessed it...Dr.
Fleishman. I COULDN'T believe it. I told her my story and told her to run. 
I was called to the front and looked back....she had slipped out the door. 
 PLEASE consider going somewhere else if you are considering SMILES. It's like a "Supercuts" for your teeth. ASK locals where they go. 

Other things to NOT SMILE about:

They constantly called to change my appointments. Can you come an hour earlier. Can we switch you to another day? My son had appointments with the orthodontist and dentist and we'd get a call,..sorry they scheduled today, but there is no dentist in today. WHAT? I am not sure how that happened....I started to notice that the receptionists were constantly apologizing on the phone.