Saturday, April 27, 2013

Today is the Day!

Today is the day. My mom is 70 years old. Early morning prep is underway for her birthday party. Tables, tablecloths, ice buckets, etc. I am finished. There is no more I can do. Now it's about HER.


 Now, I can relax. My BFF will be here soon to help wit the last details of setting out appetizers and plunging the wine and Champagne into the buckets.

 It is supposed to be 80 degrees with no wind....the gods are shining down on us!


I am hoping fun will be had by all! Wish me luck!


Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Photo Banner

 Putting some of the final touches together for Mom's 70 Th birthday party. I love the idea of a photo banner. I am not going to lie, it's difficult to find the birthday with EVERY guest that's coming. That was the hardest part.
 You never want someone's feelings hurt when the arrive and find that they haven't made the banner! Putting it together...very easy. Remove framed photos, prints etc. Find a location that allows guests to really look at all the photos. Use Jute twine and clothes pins.

 Impact....I think it's there. It sure has made me tear up a few times. I went back and forth on what to say with my vinyl Cricut letters. It was going to be "70 years of friends, family and love." then, "70 years of friends, family and laughs." Then, "70 years of amazing memories"....and finally I just went with "70 Years of...," because, well, the pictures say it all.

 While on my Cricut vinyl kick I added, "Welcome," to the door. I am convinced I need to buy a new cartridge with a simple cursive. I wanted to write, "come on in," etc. But, I went with "Welcome." I am good with Cricut...not so much with measuring, etc. It's off set. That's okay ;) I used my Cricut for the party favors as well. If you missed take a look here!

Three more days!!!!!!!!!!!
 Now it's time for cooking and cleaning!


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Thursday, April 18, 2013

Hersey's, Adult Party Favors!!

No...not that kind. Just a nice party favor you can offer at any type of party!

 I have been extremely busy planning for my mom's 70 Th birthday party. I saw this idea on Pinterest and thought it would be perfect!

Go from this:
 To this!!!

 All I needed was the chocolate, because like most of you I have an endless supply of crafts on hand! I even had two sets of the pretzel wraps that I never used!

 I added the double stick tape and folded the scrapbook paper tight, over the candy...

 I have to admit, it would have taken FOREVER with out my Cricut. I do heart my Cricut very much. Cut out the scrapbook paper to fit the mini-chocolate bars and the used heavy cardstock for the tray.

 I am going to do the same at Christmas and will offer all the cut outs on line!!

I hope my mom will love them. I have been putting a lot into her party. You already saw my vintage lawn chairs all spruced up. Wait until you see the banner I am making!!


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Monday, April 8, 2013

Vintage Metal Lawn Chairs

 I loved these retro lawn chairs when I saw them from a distance in my car. I wasn't planing on stopping at garage sales and had NO cash.

 Here's the "BEFORE."  I saw the potential and had to stop. I immediately ask the one and only garage sale question, "How much do you want for the chairs?"  Always nonchalant as if they aren't that great. She said, $10 each. I pretended to think about it as if I could live without them and then said, "Okay I'll take them."

 Like I said before, I had no money So, I said I had to run to the bank for cash. I was beyond giddy in the car. I called Stan, but he had never heard of chairs like these....they aren't too French ;)

 So, I had to hang up on him and call my mom. She knew the ones. She grew up with them on her parents porch. I even remember grandma's metal tumblers glasses. Ice tea is always better in those! So, they were mine It's taken over a year to repaint them....and guess what? Stan did all the work for me! Great job Stan. Sanded them, a coat of rust proof primer and several coats of "apple red."

With the extra paint, I decided to update some rusty crusty garden lanterns. With all my green apple touches I thing the red apple will look great. I getting ready to throw my mom a 70 Th birthday bash....the yard must be tip top!!

Hope you all have a wonderful week!!



Tuesday, April 2, 2013

April is the cruelest month....

APRIL is the cruelest month, breeding
Lilacs out of the dead land, mixing
Memory and desire, stirring
Dull roots with spring rain.

 Read the rest of T.S. Eliot's Wasteland here

 Yesterday, I took time to see the  marvels April brings in my garden. I was stunned by all the buds about to burst on my Star Jasmine.

 Pretty ground cover...completely taking over the bark.

I remember being young and so impressionable when I first heard a lecture on T.S. Eliot's, Wasteland.  I studied humanities in college. That's what we did, talk about poems, paintings, and music. I think of his words, when I soak in the beauty around me. In a strange way it is cruel. So, pure, so good....and yet there will be times ahead that do not resemble April.

But, for is April and everything is beautiful. Soon my Snowball Viburnum will be huge and white. I will place them in an old ironstone pitcher and think fondly of my dad, who taught me to love and respect nature.

 Just look at this happy vine. I can't wait to show you pictures of it in full bloom.


 The second picture in this post was taken yesterday. This is the same spot today....little by little....

 I wish I could tell you I had been away in the Caribbean, or off to Paris, but the truth is, I was just holding down the fort being a working mom. It's been a busy time of year. Lucie who was three years behind on reading has since caught up in her new school and is receiving awards and doing well. Lucas just received an award from the superintendent of our schools for a perfect score on his state testing in math. They are both signed up for summer camp and excited.

Looking forward to showing my latest great find! You won't believe it....pure luck!

I have missed you all and I am happy to have some free time over "vacation." Which reminds me. Today while I was feeling sad that I am not doing anything fun over our Easter Vacation (I sound just like a teenager!). I posted on Facebook not be jealous that I was having my carpets cleaning and taking the kids to the dentist for vacation today. I was pouting...waiting for the carpet cleaning people. When they arrived I had to move my car for the carpet van. No shoes. No make up. Wet hair. Glam. My young, single, neighbor stopped her car to say hello. She asked about Lucie and Lucas and then, I asked her what she was up to today. She said, actually she was leaving for India in a few hours. Then two weeks in Scandinavia, business. I waved good-bye in my barefoot in my driveway and just had to laugh..........