Saturday, June 30, 2012

Bottle Brush Christmas Trees and Other Garage Sale Finds!

It's Saturday and it's yard sale season! Woo hoo! We promised the kids a family movie morning, but I got to sneak out for an hour or so....not my usual 6:30-1 p.m.over in my favorite town sprint!!! I am running out of room for everything so it's probably a good thing I wasn't gone long. I even passed up five or so on the way home. I didn't stop people. There must be some award for that....or you get a dunce's cap. Not sure which.

Here are my finds for today:

All of these goodies for $2. I am espeically interested in the bottle brush trees. Did you know you  can simply dip them in a bleach/water solution and dye them white? Or teal? Depending on how long you leave them in. I just tried it a few days ago and it was so easy!

Here are the three I tried. They now have a vintage pretty look. They need some glitter and I am thinking of teeny tiny pink and/or blue bulbs or sliver sequins. I used an old empty plastic container. Just dipped them in. They stayed tip down in the solution. I just turned it a few times. Took about 5 minutes. Then I rinsed them well and dried them on a paper towel. So, I have  a few more to do now!

Working on some Glitter boxes........not quite there yet, but I have time.

I found this pretty filigree mirrored tray and these retro pillow case for only $1 

Pretty detail.

L'occitane is one of my favorites and it's expensive....these are new and PERFECT  for  my  purse! All three gift packs for $1

Some interesting dollies. Not sure what I'll do with all of those, but they are pretty. $1 and my mugs...English Transferware. And, of course the Rolling pin. Why, because I want to make these....

You'll be directed to the original sites through my "project" board on Pinterest. I have over 400 pins on this board. I guess I plan on keeping busy.

Close up of the dollies. Paper projects, a tablescape of some sort. Any ideas???

And...these super funky retro candles.........
That's it.....more cute clothes for Lucas, some Michael Jordan basketball shorts, two DSi games, and a rubber ducky for Lucie.

If you have gone out treasuring hunting today...I hope you found some good ones!


  1. Looks like you came across some great buys. I'm really liking the rolling pin rack that you might make. Very neat, haven't seen one of those.

  2. LOL, I have a "list" of projects too! I almost bought another project at a garage sale yesterday...and didn't! Have enough for awhile.
    Always love great deals.
    Trying to keep cool around here!

  3. Thanks for visiting and following my blog. I am amazed at all you found in such a short morning! Great stuff. I think you will find lots to do with those doilies. as well as the rest. The trees are so sweet!

  4. Awesome finds! That makes me want to hit up some garage sales


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