Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Ten Things To Smile About

                                          Ten Things to Smile About: 

 1.) School is out! For both me and the kids! Yahoo!

 2.) Camp started the following Monday! Yahoo! From 9 a.m. until 3 p.m. every day until August 3 rd.

3.) On Thursdays the kids go to the public pool with camp. The first day at the pool, Lucie finally jumped off the high dive!

4.) Lucas got to participate in a Academic Talent Search Camp at Sacramento State. He took Engineering/Architecture. I am happy to say he LOVED it.   

5.) I had to take Lucas to camp everyday at 9 a.m. I had three hours to myself each day. I went to thrift stores, Starbucks, the mall and old Sacramento...all by myself for hours. It was nice.

I found so many goodies everyday!

6.) I have finally caught up on the gardening.

  7.) We got a crossover! Three rows of seats. I am loving it.

 8.) Went to see Brave with my mom and Lucie. I think we all cried. Lucas saw Madagascar 3 with  Daddy. Lucas can't wait for this one. It's all he talks about:

9.) The second week of camp, a different holiday was celebrated each day. On Friday, Halloween, Lucie won cutest contest. She was a Munchkin from the Wizard of Oz. My cousin Danelle made the outfit for her daughter's play.

My little Munchkin!

 10.) Best thing to smile about? 8 extra hours in my day. Going at a slower pace and seeing my kids run to me after a wonderful day of camp with exciting stories to tell me! It's been a great first month of summer!


  1. Hi Karen: I can remember those days. It was great seeing the kids so happy to be out of school, but, yeah, one of the best parts was 'me' time. I remember and miss those days, but the 'me' time is still good!..Happy Tuesday..Judy

  2. Hi Karen,
    I too can remember those days of being very busy with my son. We both loved the summer. Now he's all grown but the memories are all good. That's what you are doing with your kids....making memories. Have a lovely summer.

    I'm a new follower too, thanks so much for introducing yourself. I'll be back to see you often.


  3. Great list! Sounds like your kids are in some great programs. I think my Lucas would love a program just like that one- he loves anything mechanical and building things.
    And the high dive- very impressive!
    Thanks so much for linking up-your link didn't work earlier but I added you so you are all set now.

  4. Yay for summertime splendor! You have such sweet children. Good for Lucas taking part in the engineering/architecture camp. And how wonderful for Lucie to brave the high dive! No easy feat. Happy day to you! :-)

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