Friday, June 29, 2012

Friday Garage Sale

I spotted a garage sale on my way to drop the kids off at camp. On my way home I went directly to the sale. I was excited when I saw it's a woman that has sales regularly and her kids are one size above both of mine. That means possible clothes for Lucas and Lucie. Love it. she never has a ton of things, but once again I found ten articles of clothing....$1 each.

Two hoodies for Lucas and a pair of holes in the knees...yet. At a $1 a pair, it won't even bother me when they come like that after three times wearing them. 
Three long sleeves shirts for winter. In Northern California he will not be able to where these until  the end of  October.

Cute purple skirt for Lucie....picture makes in look faded, but it's bright and like new.  Three pairs of jeans in her size.  Two are cropped...cute.

Love the little patchwork...
That's it. Nothing for me......expect a some savings. $10 of all of this. Not bad. I have done better, but pretty good. Especially finding things for Lucas. Always more clothes available for girls.

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  1. Hi Karen! Thanks for stopping by my blog! I've got a picture I want to send you. It's a BM color and I believe it's Apple Green. It's great coverage for furniture. Beautiful blog BTW~new follower:)


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