Thursday, June 14, 2012

My Ten Minute Burlap Table Runner.

It's not ruffled or fancy, but it was basically free. Remember the suitcase I lined with burlap? From my huge box of burlap that was $2. Well, the left over burlap has been sitting on the dining room chair all week...So, I tried my hand at a NO SEW (because I can't...and I don't have a machine) table runner. I am not good at math either, so the stripe down the middle was helpful!! I counted equal inches from the center and cut straight down....It's easy because I followed one jute string. I am such a cheater.

Remember my $1 vintage suitcase? I got the rooster from the same lady...and yes, he was $1 too. However he was hideous. He was multicolored and totally outdated. I sprayed him up. I purposely used the part of burlap with the green letters. I like the look.
I couldn't resist. Please, tell me he is better now.
Once I cut the runner...I frayed the edges. Just pulled thread by thread to the desire length.  It took a minute to do both sides.

I like it. I could make them longer and then tie five or six piece together close to the top so it won't continue to fray in any old  way. We'll see. For now I am happy.

Okay, here's where I get goofy. But....I DON'T SEW! What's a girl to do?  I thought of folding it under (hem) and using super glue. I think that would have been a disaster and the burlap is too thick. So....I just added packing tape to the bottom along each edge to stop fraying. I think it will work.  At least until another trend comes along.

Taped on the bottom. 
That's my "new" soup tureen. I collect white ironstone and ceramics.  When I saw it I thought the price was just outrageous  for a thrift store and nearly passed it up. It was $9.99. It's from the 40s I am pretty sure. Marked USA 255. I am glad I splurged! lol 

That's it.......I like it. Might fiddle with the decor, but I am liking the feel....


  1. Love your sweet runner. What a great idea with the tape to prevent raveling! xo Diana

  2. I love your burlap runner,so pretty with the teal stripe. Your white ironstone tureen and rooster looks beautiful with the burlap-teal table runner as the backdrop...nice job! Gorgeous transformation of the rooster..looks lovely in white. Beautiful vignette! Thanks for sharing with us and for visiting me and leaving me such a sweet note. I appreciate your visit. Have a great weekend!Hugs,Poppy


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