Friday, June 29, 2012

Harry Potter Legos, The Forbidden Corridor

I just can't help myself. I am home all summer so I have been dragging the kids to the thrift store after I pick them up from camp. I am usually looking for vintage goodies, but look what I found for Lucas:

Couple days of fun and a new addition to his growing collection for $2.99

First day. The only thing missing...the instructions. There are several versions to build. Lucas picked one and  just followed the image. You can always find them on line though if needed.

I must have said 10 times in the GW, "Don't be disappointed if there are missing pieces". I think I was just trying to tell myself it was okay. I was surprised that it was a complete kit. I mean, the little flute, the little flames, the tiny key to the door, etc. All there!

Making progress.......

Good job Lucas!

Just out of curiosity I looked them up to see how much the kit costs.....

They are sold as collection sets or as new....but no longer in stores? I am not sure. Could it be true? $148 and/0r $79.00?? Are they not making them anymore?? Well, good thing I found for $2.99 because I am not putting out $80 let alone $148 for that. Can you imagine all the vintage dishes I could get for that?  :)

Okay........enough of Lucas and toys. I need to get ready and go find something for Mamma today!

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