Thursday, June 21, 2012

Thrift Store Thursday!

Once again Lucas had to be chauffeured to Sacramento for his engineering camp. So, what's a girl to do? Shop. For some reason Christmas things were just jumping out at me. I know....stop. It's nuts but, Christmas has already been discussed in our family. Sickening. So, here are a few of the things I found.  I really needed a new tablecloth (Sure) and I was really pulled towards this one. Maybe it's the 12 days of Christmas theme, maybe it's because it's obviously never been used, or because it's Macy's Charter Club...who knows. I like it. Doesn't match my wedding china, but maybe I'll find a set Christmas dishes tomorrow.

Got this nice big rusty bucket today too. $4.99. I might do some up-cycling. Not sure.  Since I am on a Christmas WOULD be good for our book a night advent calendar. 

something ladies dancing...

10 pipers....11? Pipers piping....

some number drummers drumming....

This also played a role in why I bought it.

Thought these were adorable. "A Happy Holiday To You" Royal Crownford, By Norma Sherman. Staffordshire, England. 

I don't even remember 1996. No milestones...what's wrong with me?  I'll probably start a whole new collection now!

1995....nope. Nothing. But it's cute. $2.99 each. Steep for this garage sale girl but, I like them


Not sure what was going on today. Maybe I slipped and fell and hit my head on some mistletoe?  I was not seeking out Christmas stuff. I just realized later that...that's what I got. At different Goodwill stores too.  This is Target...I recognize it. Tag said $14.99. It is like new and I like hook rugs. It matches my colors...I paid $3.99.

I like the warm colors. Will be nice in the half a year!!!!! LOL

Hum....I am craving eggnog now.   :)


  1. Love me a good bargain and it looks like you found several! That tablecloth is exceptional!

  2. A gal has to BUY when the price is right and the treasure too! Very pretty tablecloth! Linen's "speak" to me! LOL!!
    Thanks for your kind comment. Happy Treasure hunting.
    Deb :)

  3. What great finds! I seem to buy most of my Christmas stuff in the summer months - especially at yard sales :)

  4. Wonderful finds - It is not a bad thing to find Christmas things now - it will be here before we know it! I usually skim over the Christmas things at Goodwill - I should pay more attention - LOVE your rusty bucket! Great price - I have enjoyed my stroll through your blog and am your newest follower,

  5. What great finds, real treasures!! The patterns on the places are just precious! I can buy Christmas treasures any time of the year too!

  6. Hello Karen, thanks for stopping by my blog and leaving a nice comment. I tried to respond to it but you are a no reply blogger. Go to the link and it will give you instructions on how to fix that so you get all your responses.



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