Sunday, June 10, 2012

Jean Philippe Patisserie, Bellagio and Aria, Las Vegas

Again, people think it's nuts we take our kids to Vegas....but who better to see giant sized chocolate flowers, a magical chocolate slipper and matching elegant chocolate gown, a huge chocolate Grinch and our favorite, the chocolate fountain.

I've mentioned before how easy it is to get around Vegas by car. When we stop in at the Bellagio (self parking, right by the conservatory) we always make a trip to Jean Philippe. It's always a wonderful surprise! You just don't know what to expect. Now there is a Jean Philippe's at the Aria as well!  They have a huge store front window that you must go see! Two more must see things in Vegas.

Here are some of the goodies we saw while in Vegas in May.

                               Jean Philippe's The Bellagio:

Chocolate Haute Couture

What's a gorgeous gown with out a delicious pair of shoes?

Here is one of my favorites from past visits.....a chocolate Grinch.
                                           The Chocolate Fountain

Always on display at Jean Philippe's at The Bellagio, the beautiful fountain of Chocolate. As you can see it's from the ceiling down.  Like a fire or the ocean, it's memorizing....

Don't forget, besides the open air art work, this is a patisserie. I will also add, you can get one the best cups of I paid about $3 for a small cup, but I am telling you it was out of this world. Located just around the corner you can have your coffee and treats in the Bellagio hallway. Beautiful flower displays, tranquil setting and not a lot of people.

So, to go with that coffee?

You can take a little bit of the fountain home with

If you are staying at the Bellagio, why not grab a few of these and go back to room with Champagne? Maybe you even have a view of the famous decadent.

A fantastic place to grab coffee and a morning treat.

Nutella Brioche....I repeat, Nutella Brioche.....

Lucie spent $6 of her spending money for these little gourmet chocolate balls....they were like mini cake balls. She was not disappointed.
How about a wedding cake from Jean Philippe's?

Now, we can visit both the Bellagio and The Aria and be blown away with Jean Philippe's masterpieces of chocolate.

Jean Philippe's The Aria

One of Jean Philippe's  first store front windows at The Aria. Each chocolate flower was about  50" wide I'd say.  We saw this with kids. Just stunning in real life.

Is this not the most gorgeous store front you have ever seen? Is this not appropriate for kids? My children certainly loved it.
Two more of our favorite things to do while in Vegas. It really is never ending. For us, Vegas has never been about night clubs. We are Vegas morning people....and there aren't a lot of us. Makes it easy to park, quiet to visit and easy to get around.

Hope you enjoyed Jean Philippe's. If you are in Vegas, please stop by to see one of his breathtaking chocolate sculptures and sample some amazing goodies.


  1. I made my first trip to Vegas in May! I was at the Bellagio but missed the chocolate fountains...darn! Maybe next time. I did have a great time looking at all the wonderful over the top things in Vegas!
    hugs, Linda

  2. I've been to Vegas once. But it was many years ago. My children were young then. I was busy "mothering," so scarcely remember it.

  3. I have not been to that store. Must make a stop there when we go this fall. Never met a chocolate I did not like.

  4. Hello! Oh my, does all that look so good as I sit here with my coffee. I want to reach in and grab one of those goodies. My hubby loves Vegas and goes once a year with his best friend for a car convention. He stayed at the Bellagio last Fall. Such a pretty place! Thanks for visiting my blog. I am now follower of your lovely blog. :) Kit

  5. Kit, We don't gamble like crazy, but just using our players cards at one or two casino/chains keeps us in free rooms throughout the year. It's a nice little escape. Next time your husband's there he'll have to grab a little something for you at Jean Philippe's:)

    Elaine, the store is right by the conservatory. Fall is always my favorite time of year in the conservatory!!!!!

    Brenda, you gotta go back now! :) My kids love "Kid's Quest" (drop in day care with play structures, a stage and karaoke, and a diner for the kids) They have them at some Station Casinos. Red Rock is the best!

    Did you use a players card, Linda??

    Have a great day ladies!

  6. I had the pleasure of visiting the Bellagio Spring of 2011 with my Gram and aunt. We had a ball! What a beautifully elegant place. I would love to go back someday. Glad you had so much fun! That chocolate dress is outstanding. Happy day to you!

  7. You're right, I wouldn't have thought as Vegas as a place to take the kids, but those displays are amazing and certainly kid friendly.

    - The Tablescaper

  8. Mmmmmmmmmmmmmm...chocolate!! I love it!! Thanks for Following! I've added a Link to your blog, to my Blog List.

    Jan ♥

  9. I've been to the Bellagio and I love the chocolate shop. Great post. :)


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