Sunday, July 1, 2012

Small Town, USA. Woodland, California

A little glimpse of my small town, Woodland, California.

Pretty flower lined streets.

Outdoor restaurants

The Woodland Opera House. Beautiful old theater. Woodland was once one of the richest cities in California. Back in the day it was quite a big deal to have such theater in the town. People came from all over the Sacramento area for show and still do today.  Lucas even got a role in "Miracle On 34 Th Street" two years ago. That was exciting and it ran for 25 shows! I was proud of him. Not too proud here though....nice head in the way.

See what is happening at the Opera House now:

Great antique shops every where! This one is a favorite....The House Dresser. 

Gorgeous store fronts

The girls, Lucie and Lola at Common Grounds. My favorite coffee house downtown. Dogs are allowed and there is even a treat jar for them. Couches, magazines and great coffee!

The boys......

And, a little shout out to Charlie who turned 5 years old day.  We rescued him when he was 3.


  1. What a pretty town! Your children are adorable.
    Thank you for visiting me, and for leaving the sweet comment.

  2. What a charming post! Loved the pictures! You have a great blog. :)

  3. Beautiful looking town! Cute pictures of your family.


  4. You seriously live in such a beautiful place!!

  5. I know Woodland Ca quite well! My ex husband was from there and we lived there briefly in the 90's. It is such a neat town I lived on 4th st in a cute little stucco house that I loved! Thanks for stopping by my blog. I list my stuff on CL and I also have a booth in a local antique store. Have a great week! Traci

  6. Thanks, guys! It's pretty cute. Traci, it's such a small world! Amazing :)


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