Saturday, July 14, 2012

Mushroom Turnovers

How to make delicious, easy mushroom turnovers. A definite crowd pleaser. Growing up my mom entertained a lot and these were one of my favorites.....and I didn't even like mushrooms then (apparently I know how that goes with kids.) I like to make them now. They are easy, somewhat time consuming, but always scrumptious! Do you like my little frame? Made that chalkboard...the secret? Hidden at Michael's is Chalkboard contact paper. So easy. At our store it's hidden in the children's crafts and three employees told me didn't even carry it. I told them they did, because I was going back for my second roll.  They'll tell you the don't carry it. Keep looking. Every little frame at the thrift store becomes chalkboard remodel for me now.

Just a few simple ingredients:
 A large onion
2 cloves of garlic
  containers of sliced mushroom
 pre-made pie crust
One small can of minced olives (optional)
1 teaspoon milk  and one egg for the egg wash.

I used these two bags of sliced, pre-wash mushrooms, 10 ounces each. No prep. I just needed to mince them. I used one bag of baby bella and one bag of white mushrooms. I thought it would be more flavorful with the mix. You can't go wrong, measurements are not crucial with this recipe.

Saute minced onion in olive oil.

Add garlic..I added two big cloves.

Mince your mushrooms well. These turnovers are small, so your ingredients must be as well.

Add to the sauteed onions. Cook through. Smells oh so good. Add some salt and pepper and always taste to see if it's seasoned well. You can add so many things here.......My mom added minced olives. Delicious......

Cheat, if you have your Cuisinart out already (maybe you minced everything in  That's how I always do quick) then maybe you'd like to whip up your own pie crust. If you choose the easy way or the homemade way, you will need two rounds.

Adding minced olives? Cool....this can now be your "cookie" or in this case "turnover" cutter.

I am using the olives to top off some deviled eggs, so I am saving them in a Ziploc.  Look at my new kitchen tool. Guess what? Not only will this be my cut out for the turnovers, it can also served as a terrine mold. I am not kidding when I tell you some of the nicest restaurants use this...tuna cans, veggie cans, etc. This would be perfect for a little rice mold, maybe with a layer of carrots for color.
Save them to make all sorts of plated terrines.

Egg wash, ready? One egg plus about a teaspoon, maybe two of milk. Can't get this wrong either. USE a white wash. It always makes pastries look 100% better.

And, of course it works like a glue. So you will put a little egg wash down where the two ends meet.  Have a cookie sheet  ready (tin foil and some Pam, Crisco spray) Fold over on your work space. I have a small kitchen. Using pre-made pie crust elps with that. I don't need a large area to roll everything out. I just cut my form THEN rolled over it once....not too thin.

Place on the greased cookie sheet THEN, press down with you fork.  If you do this on your work space  it will stick and getting to the cookie sheet will be frustrating. Press here. It won't stick once cooked. Press hard but, not too close to the filling or you will puncture it.....leakage.

Brush them with egg wash. It will make ALL the difference.

Ready to cook. The faster you work, the better the turnovers. You always want to work with cold dough. The other roll should be in the fridge while working with the first.

Bon Appetit and ching ching!


  1. These look delicious and it's nice that they are baked...even more healthy, and faster for a party. Great tutorial and idea to use the olive can as a mold. I'm using that idea.. it's decorative and good portion control.. a winning combination in my book.
    Thanks for visiting and following and I'm following you right back. :)

  2. OMG, those look delicious. Wish I hadn't seen them on an empty stomach. Now I need to go find something comparable to eat. Cereal just isn't going to satisfy me after seeing these. Have a great day.

  3. Hi Karen, When I first saw the pies, I thought they were fried apple pies. My mom used to make those. But finding out it was mushrooms was a surprise. I know my sister would make these. She's a good cook . You gave a perfect picture tutorial. Thank you for following me..I will be following you also. Smiles to you, Susie (She Junks)

  4. Hi Karen: I love mushrooms, so will definitely file this recipe away. Hopefully, I will use it before I do that! Thank you so much for your kind comments to me on my breast cancer post. I always was a cheerleader wannabe! I'm so happy you are following me also..Happy Sunday..Judy

  5. Thanks!! The best part is you can freeze them and take them out to heat up. Happy to have new followers! Hope you visit each others blogs! You are all wonderful! Check out Judy's last post...amazing!

  6. These look delicious and I love all the ingredients. Aren't family recipes the best? Thanks so much for sharing.

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  8. i don't know if my first comment went through!???? i just think these look scrumptious! i happen to have all the ingredients so a nice salad and these incredible little savories is going to be tomorrows dinner! YEAH!!!! thanks for sharing : ) sending hugs!!!!

  9. These really look amazing. My hubby just walked in the room, and I told him I might try to make these. I know we would both love them! Thanks for sharing the recipe! OH MY!

  10. Oh my goodness, Mary, these are making my mouth water. I must try this out soon. I'm crazy about mushrooms. YUM.
    Much love,

  11. Yes, I meant to say Karen. See what you do with those mouth watering pictures? :)

  12. These look really yummy. Thanks for sharing the recipe. Can't wait to make 'em!

  13. This is unbelievable! Here I sit, with mushrooms, olives and onions already chopped, leftover from something my husband made this weekend. I pinned this and I'm going to "let" him make it this week. Thanks for sharing it!

    1. Perfect! I think I like the way my mom made it best...with the ingredients you listed and no garlic. They'll taste even better with someone else doing the work!


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