Monday, July 2, 2012

4 Th of July

4 Th of July is a blast (get it...fireworks) but it's difficult to get motivated when it falls on a Wednesday. I still wanted to get a few things out and get into the spirit. After all, I missed at least a total of 8 4 Th of July celebrations while living in France for all those years. So, here is small tribute to say, "Happy Birthday America!" I am happy to be home!

I guess I just need a blue rooster now.

This little ironstoe pitcher belonged to my grandma. I love the detail and it looks goes with the somewhat colonial theme.  Hard work pays off in a garden as one will always have fresh flowers. My favorite part.

My "Hartstone USA" platter I picked up at a yard sale in the state of Washington for $2

Not a great hearth to work with. Only about 3 inches deep. Not a lot to do with it.

This is the problem I have......each space in my house is so different.  I like a variety of things, but I don't have one strong look.  I just buy things I am attracted to and it's not always the same period or style. 

I found these Stars at Thrift store in Vegas. I know, who goes to Vegas and goes to thrift stores and even garage sales on!!! I just found that little bunch of candles at our local thrift store. Thought they were sweet.


  1. Hey, thanks for the visit today, and for joining me!

    I love your style- it's nice to collect what you love.

    You know - you may want to consider getting a woodworker to make you a different mantle - three inches deep isn't enough to work with, it's beautiful but too skinny! I bet if you get a few quotes one could be the one that wins your business and changes your decorating forever!!!!

    Again, thanks for popping in today!!


  2. I was glad to find your blog, thanks to your comments on mine! Given your interests, you might also like my friend Michele's blog, Adventures in Thrifting -- She's a new blogger and amazing thrifter! I really love the vignette you put together using the flag platter -- so appealing!


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