Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Vintage Christmas Decorations

I have started early this year. What's new? The BHG Holiday Crafts 2011 issue just came out. It's loaded with great fall and Christmas projects.

 Here is the first project I had to start!

The little vintage Santa star. I suppose I was attracted to him because I have three of these vintage flower frog prongs. Now, I have a great way to display them!

I used folder files (because I had them on hand) for the stars. I got to use my old 1938 hymnal book yet again, spray paint and glitter, and a red stamp pad for the edges of the music paper stars. I found some great vintage graphics at Michaels...they were perfect. They were $4.99 for a bag of them. I have many left over to play with!

 It was a fun project. These will be cute mixed in with my various Christmas displays this year.


So tempted to make the paper trees as well, but I have already made two that are similar....not sure I should start more! Look how cute they are though!!!!

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