Thursday, August 11, 2011

First day of School crafts and projects.

 This idea comes from, 
Lucie's class really enjoyed these. They can be used for the first or last day of school. You can also use Swedish fish!

They turned out cute. Just to let you know, a class of 30 (yes, the class size is HUGE in California) took two large containers of goldfish.

I thought one would be enough. :) Glad I had two. They are both empty. 

 Here is a photo of the original idea. It's much cuter. She used card stock and cute ribbon. Next time. With school starting on August 10 TH (can you believe it?) It just came too quickly.

Here is the other idea I used. It's cute and looking back on these photos in the future will be fun!

Lucie at school on the her first day of third grade!

Love this idea. Wish I had started in Pre-K. :)

Hope you try some of these projects. Very easy and so worth it!

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