Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Paper Flowers. Fun with Sheet music.

Remember my hymnal book I got for 10 cents? I have already cut into it.

I felt badly cutting it up, but I got over it. It's for a good cause...paper flowers!
You'll need three templates. Round, shaped like a flower in small medium and large. The fun part is being able to use just about any paper product. I have my book I want to use, but went to Joanne's and got a few sheets of card-stock I thought would look good with it. Start cutting them out!
To give them the 3 dimensional look, you make a cut to the center, fold over and glue. I used a glue stick.

Once the three are cut out and glue you stack them. Today I went to our local thrift store and found a bag of odds and ends that are perfect for the center.

50 cents! I'll use these for the center....

 Oh the projects I will make....These are fun. I am going to work on some Halloween themed flowers and paper wheels. Fun.

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