Saturday, August 13, 2011

Recycled Book Christmas trees.

These are my "book" Christmas trees. I bought book at Big lots for 50 cents and two sheets of poster board. You'll also need an adhesive spray, glue stick and tape. I finished these Friday night. On Saturday morning I found the hymnal book for 10 cents at a garage time I will use those pages for the sheet music look.

I found it easier to fold several pages at a time and cut. A paper cutter is handy, but it's do-able with Scissors. I suggest having all the pieces cut before you start. Makes the job go faster. thicker cuts for the bottom, get just a bit thinner as you move up. Cutting the ends with decorative scissors add a nice touch.

Poster board is great. It's inexpensive (these pieces were two for a dollar at The Dollar Store) Each cone is a half circle. You can play with it to get the shape you want. I taped mine when I liked the shape.

Start at the bottom and stagger as you go. It's a bit time consuming, yet therapeutic. When finished I sprayed with adhesive glue and sprinkled with glitter. I like how they turned out and I am looking forward to decorating for Christmas!

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