Thursday, August 18, 2011

Best Stuffed Zuchinni Ever

Not only is this THE best, it's probably the easiest. It's very authentic Italian cooking. Simple and good.

Of course, I have to mention that I just got this vintage Charles Meakin platter last Saturday at a garage for $2 Oh, and the zucchini is from my garden.

This all you'll need! Some Parmesan cheese, salt and pepper. It would be much better with homemade marinara sauce, but it will still be de-lish!

Just slice and scoop it out with a soup spoon. Leave the edges thick and clear so they hold their shape. As you scoop....dump the zucchini flesh right into the blender!

You'll only use half the flesh, so have a container handy to save the rest for zucchini bread!

They are ready to fill! Just add the rest of the ingredients to the blender, some ricotta, an egg, a dash of nutmeg, some salt and pepper and of could add Parmesan cheese. Don't be dork either, the nutmeg is what makes this dish. It's just a dash. The French use nutmeg a lot as well....try a dash in your mash potatoes next time too.

That's it. Blend it. It will be in a very liquid puree form. Now fill your zucchini "boats".

Don't worry about being's all going to back and be cheesy, gooey, yummy. Okay...can't resist...I am added more Parmesan on top.
Now, drizzle with a red sauce (optional).

Bake at 375 until bubbly and delicious. Serve with or over pasta or as a side to steak.
More Parmesan? I think so.
Pretty good!

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