Monday, August 8, 2011

DIY Cakestand

II first saw this done at

I thought it was so clever. I had to try it myself. Instead of stemware, I used an old candlestick I found at the thrift store. The plate and candle stick were 60% and together were less than a dollar.

Clean them. I chose to glue first. In the link above, she does this afterward. You need a waterproof glue that works on glass. I found mine at Joanne's for about $5. I didn't need a lot. Worked like a charm.
 The glue quickly dried.
 Now, it's ready to spray with the "Frosted Glass" spray, which I also found at Joanne's. About $5

I gave it several nice coats. It's not too visible on these surfaces, but it will help adhere the Colored spray paint of your choice.
 I had a can of pale pink on hand, so I used that this time. Here goes nothing.
 My finished product. I think it's sweet. This was really too easy!
 Pretty in Pink.
I will never look at old junky plates, stemware, or candlesticks in the same way again. I highly recommend this "up-Cycle".

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  1. I like your stand so much better than the originally posted blog Centsationalgirl's dessert stands.


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