Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Lucas' Valentine's Day Cards

Yes, Yes, I know. I saw these on Pinterest. I thought they would be perfect for Lucas. I just quickly took a picture a few days ago. It must have been a good hair day, lol. Tonight I had some extra time and we ran over to Walmart. It only took a few minutes and $8.40 to print out the 30 pictures. While there, we grabbed some Tootsie Pops and the labels.

Then, two small cuts with an Exact-o Knife. I wrote Happy Valentine's Day with a sharpie. Lucas will fill out the labels with the class list and they can be quickly added before the class party. Here's what you need:
Et voilĂ .....cute and easy. I do love that Americans celebrate Valentine's Day like we do. It's a fun day for everyone!

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