Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Making Chocolate Fondue

Valentine's day. Hum. It used to mean going out for a romantic dinner for two. It seems awfully complicated with two small children. Reservations, taking the kids to Kid's Park (our local drop in day care....which is awesome) and paying for that and of course....making lunches and doing homework somewhere in there as well. This year, I thought it would just be fun to stay home and have chocolate fondue together. I know the kids love that and it means more time together as a family.

Have you ever made chocolate fondue? So easy. You need two things for the fondue itself. Chocolate chips and cream. That's it.

ON the stove top, or right in the fondue pot (and you DON'T have to have a fondue can just heat on the stove and eat it out of the pot...) Slowly warm up about 3/4 of of a one pint carton of heavy whipping cream. Once it's warm (but not boiling) add a bag of semi-sweet chocolate chips. That's it folks. Easy. can play around with it and add some liquors...Frangelica with give it a peanut flair, you can add Grand Marnier will give it a an orange kick. Just add a bit and taste.

The fun part is all the goodies you'll use to dip. This was a school night and I did work all day, so I kept it simple. Strawberries (Lucie washed them the night before) a banana right out of the fruit basket, frozen Sara Lee Pound Cake (easy to slice will still frozen by the by) And some marshmallows I had left over from rice Krispie treats I made just before Valentine's Day. I did have pretzel rods that I forgot. The Rice Krispie treats would have been good too, but we had eaten them all. I wanted cheesecake but, me and Lucas are the only fans. So, it was very easy to set up.

This recipe makes enough for 6-8 people. We have left over chocolate...s I can break out the pretzel rods soon!

If you haven't made Chocolate fondue, try it. It may become a family favorite.

I bought my fondue pot at Target on February 12 Th. I wanted one for cheese and oil fondues so I need a stainless-steel pot. This Oster pot worked like a charm and was only $29. Buy one here today and start having FUNDUE (pun sick)

Lucie loved it. Her favorite was the strawberries.

My goodies from Stanislas. Champagne, Chocolate and flowers. He had it covered.

Here are some photos from Lucas' 8 Th birthday party. He requested chocolate fondue. It was hit. Each guest got a ramkin on warm chocolate.

Can you tell his birthday is day before Halloween?

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