Sunday, February 12, 2012

San Francisco, Fisherman's Wharf

The nice thing about living in the Sacramento area is living close to both the ocean and the mountains. I am just over an hour from San Francisco (if you know how to avoid traffic.) and an hour and half to Lake Tahoe. Yesterday I went into San Francisco. This was just a quick trip to goof off by the Wharf and have lunch at The Rainforest Cafe.

First stop....Treasure Island.
Treasure Island is in the middle of the Bay Bridge. It's actually an easy on and off exit. As a tourist or first time visitor to San Francisco you could easily miss this little gem. It's really one of THE best views of the San Francisco skyline. The most crowded and well know is at The Golden Gate bridge. Treasure Island however, is not crowded. I have always parked easily and no walking, no paying, nothing. Now, I wish I had a nice camera but, I think you get the idea.

San Francisco Sky Line

Barge going under the Bay Bridge

Golden Gate in the distance with the Famous San Francisco fog

Lucie enjoying the view

The Bay Bridge

First Stop....Ghiradelli Square. This is on the far end of the Wharf. Closet to the Golden Gate Bridge. What's nice now, is that you can park and pay a meter with a credit card. I paid up to three hours at a time and I am sure you could do more. The 3 hours was about $8. Really not bad for the City. There were plenty of spots at 11 a.m.

You'll be amazed at all the little gems here. 

Shops, restaurants and of course, Chocolate. Even if you don't plan on buying any, step in to have a look. You are greeted at the door with one of their famous squares of chocolate.
One of favorite things to do here....have a spot of tea at Crown and Crumpet. So cute, and such a nice break from sight seeing on a cold day.

From Ghiradelli you can walk down to the Cannery. Which was an old Canary and is now filled with shops ans more restaurants. It's just a few blocks away. If you need some strength, make a stop at the very famous, Buena Vistas. You'd never form it's Spanish name that is where the Irish Coffee was first concocted. So, DO expect the best. In fact....I'd have to say YOU MUST stop here for a sip of history. 

The man who started it all.
Stanton Delaplane at the Buena Vista in 1975.

This is a fun place in the summer. The pubs are filled with live music and it's busy and lively.

Sunshine and ocean air....beautiful vegetation.

Now....time to walk along the Wharf. Time to for the sights and sounds of the seafood and fun.

You will be wooed and invited into restaurant after restaurant along the Wharf. All in fun. Be warned, you will be tempted. Why not? You can sit outside with some delicious seafood, wine...maybe a Bloody Mary. Or grabbed something to go.

If you want a quiet place to rest your feet and enjoy the ocean, try Boudins. Famous for their sourdough bread and sourdough bowls with homemade clam chowder. It's a two story restaurant and a lot of fun. Request a view if you want. I just sat at the bar once with my bestie and wine and soup.

Be sure to at least go in and check out their bakery. You may want to take home a sourdough lobster or clam. Too fun.

View from the Wharf Golden Gate Bridge in background

View of Alcatraz from the Wharf. The submarine that is docked here can be visited. Don't expect to go to Alcatraz if you have not booked a tour at least a week in advance.

Now....we have reached the far end of the Wharf. The most famous part Pier 39.

Pier 39 entrance. A fun stroll with shops, restaurants, activities, and of course the famous seal lions that just started gathering there. (fun but, stinky in that area) We here on a winter's day. Not too crowded. In the summer, expect lots of people and lots of lines. Public bathrooms here are well kept and where not crowded at this time of year.

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Julie and Lucie observing the sea lions!

Read more about Pier 39 here:

It was a long walk, but doable. So much to see on the way. If you'd like you can rent bikes, segways or one of these go carts:

Never a dull moment in San Francisco. This is JUST one of the sights to see and as you can imagine i couldn't capture it all....the street entertainers, the wonderful antique fortune teller machine museum (that's free....look for my next post...I went nuts in there) Ripley's Believe it or Not Museum, the wax museum, etc. It just goes on and on!! If you haven't been to San Francisco, I really hope you can. It's a fantastic city.


  1. Hubby and I were there a few years ago and we loved it. So much to do. Had a great time. Rented a car and drove around to the wine country and antique shops.

  2. Thanks, Deb. I am happy to hear that you like the city were I was born :) I love the wine country. Sonoma is my favorite. I should plan a trip alone with my hubby....I can use the "need to write a post about this" excuse!!!

  3. What a great recap!! I have never been to the bay area but want to sometime. Looks like it was fun. You should go to my friend Texas Darlings travel blog- She is always looking for guest posters to post about their trips- you could send her this post and it would get some new traffic to your blog.

  4. Thank you, Emmy!!! You are so good to me! I am going to go explore your friends travel blog now!!! I hope you make out to the Bay Area very soon!

  5. We live close to the city too, but we rarely make it over there. You look like you guys had a blast! If I wasn't pregnant we'd be having Irish Coffees on Valentine's Day! We're overdue for a ferry trip...maybe I'll suggest it to Match. :-)

  6. Congratulations on your pregnancy! It's worth the wait and easy knowing you'll have a bundle of joy in the end. Have you had the famous Irish coffees there? They are de-lish. San Francisco is a great day trip and fun with the kids. We've even taken the kids to Sonoma a few times and had a good time with them! If you go in March have a great visit!


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