Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Musee Mecanique; Antique Arcade Machines.

Hidden away on San Francisco's Famous Fisherman's Wharf, is this amazing FREE museum, called "Musee Mechanique". French for Mechanical Museum. It's the largest private collection of old vintage arcade games in the world. What an amazing privilege to stroll through time and experience these machines at absolutely no cost. Not only can look and marvel at these special stepping stones of the can actually play them. They have been modified to take todays 25 cent pieces.

This exhibit was enormous and took several minutes to even walk around.

Detail from "The Carnival"

Gotta love a "Bimbo-Box"

Classic machine
Buy a Drink for Dan!
You have got to love the note.
This is proof that art imitates life. Sign of the times.

Close up of the den.
World Series Game

Here is the ultimate classic fortune teller machine you expect.
I had to try the Guillotine. Put your quarter in the doors open dramatically

....and down comes the guillotine!
We can't leave the English out as they too had an execution machine.
Some were just plain creepy
I mean, what's going on here?

Most were just gorgeous and brought you back to another time. These really were so advanced. I can just imagine walking along the boardwalk and putting your coin to see these modern machines come to life!

The music drew a crowd. People were amazed at the amplified sound and extraordinary working mechanism. Works of art.

The fortune tellers even came with the famous little cards...

 Next time you are in San Francisco make it a point to visit this museum. Step back in time, enjoy the craftsmanship and beauty of this collection. Read more about it here:

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  1. hi, Thanks for your post about Musee Mecanique, we appreciate it!

    We have a new website that you should link to at — the one you link to is not owned or operated by Dan Zelinsky, owner of Musee Mecanique. If you could change your link, we'd appreciate it!

  2. David, I'll change that now, thanks! It's a really wonderful place! I had such a great there.

  3. Pretty amazing - I would enjoy seeing those machines in person.

    Visiting from YGLIT.


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