Monday, January 2, 2012

Night-Stand Up-Cycle With Mod-Podge And A Gift Bag.

Clean surface off. Then, give it a good coat of Mod-podge. Place your paper down and center it.

Once you give the paper a good coat of Mod-podge, use you hands, a rolling pin, etc. to get the bubbles out and smooth it down. I made a great tool using a rolling pin and Press-n-seal. Worked like a charm.
Tinkerbell lamp, $2 at a garage sale in Vegas.

I think it's cute!! It took about ten minutes. Now Lucie's ice water at night will not damage the paint. Mod-podge dries shiny and hard. It's the perfect surface for easy clean up. I am honestly SO happy I don't have to repaint that night-stand. I think I paid $3 for it at a garage sale. Lucie will be happy.

Sweet Dreams, Lucie!!

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