Saturday, December 31, 2011

New Year's Eve Cocktails.....Punch and Pondering.

New year's Eve. Nostalgia...another year has come an gone. Have we met our goals? Are our lives better, the same or do they need improvements or overhauls? Was 2011 a good year? What could I have done differently? No wonder New Year's Eve is emotional, filled with self reflection, new plans and goals. It's a time to ponder over the old and look forward to the new. So, today, I will enjoy my New Year's Eve Decorations, clean up some more of the Christmas fragments that lie about and watch all 2011 top news stories and count-down shows. For now my only goal is to make it to midnight before dosing off. That's life with two small kids.

 I know there will be a toast or two so, here are some cocktail ideas for the big night....maybe you can drowned your sorrows, dance on the table, get romantic, or scheme for the coming year with a little holiday cheer!

 What were her thoughts on New Year's Eve? What were her regrets and goals for a better life? Were they similar to ours today? I bet she had Champagne.

What will I toast, ponder and plan with?? So many choices! How about this beautiful and tasty Cranberry Margarita!

I love the festive look of these "Christmas Sparklers", especially since it's so hard for me to let go of Christmas. Maybe a few of these:

Christmas Sparklers from Yes, please. Check out all their Champagne recipes. Some great Champagne punches as well!!

Champagne recipes....yum!

If you do decide on punch....this is a great idea from a blog last year. The blog gives you step by step detail on how to make the numbers! Fun idea!

How about an ice ring....for your punch or cranberries floating about as well?
This just happened to be an ice "block" I remember not being able to find a bundt cake pan that year....something so festive about oranges and cranberries.

However, my all time favorite "Champagne Cocktail" is the classic French, Kir Royal. Nothing like it.

All my friends know it will be one (if not the only) choice when they come over! Just a little Chambord or Crème De Cassis at the bottom of your flute and an orange twist.......Cheers! I have never met anyone that DOESN'T like it.

Enjoy your evening! And, of course, Happy New Year!!!!!!!!


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