Thursday, December 29, 2011

New Year's Eve In The Making!

I've started slowly taking down Christmas and mixing in some New Year's fun.
I love my banner from The TomKat Studio. It was so easy to print out. I used photo paper so it was thick and shiny. Love it.

I just used clothes pins, that I sprayed with adhesive spray and sprinkled with Epsom salt, to clip onto a cute black and white ribbon. The clothe-spins look like snow.

 Also from The TomKat Studio, My "new print" I framed...."Time To Drink Champagne And Dance On The Tables." I think they made that just for me. This was also a free printable from The TomKat Studio.  (  It matches my banner and ties everything together. I printed it out on photo paper and it looks fantastic!

Some clocks to accent the print....countdown time!!

More clocks on the mantel....all of which are printed on photo paper...all free printables on line. Google "clock faces" in images. I added glitter to the numbers and or edges, with a Martha Stewart glue pen...those pens are wonderful! That made them more fun and sparkly and isn't that what New Year's Eve is all and sparkly?

More mantel clocks in antique flower frogs. I am so limited as what to put on my mantel. I believe it's about 3" in width. So I am happy with my little clocks.

Okay.....I still have really cute Champagne tags to use....need some pictures of those. Might need to open a bottle of Champagne early just for blog *wink* Here is picture of those from The TomKat Studio:

Aren't they cool?


  1. Happy New Year!
    Fun mantle. Mine is narrow also and I've asked hubby to make a wood topper for it that would be wider! It's on the New Year To "DO" list!

  2. Deb,That's a great idea. I have stared at my mantel contemplating what I could do with it. I hope this project gets checked off your "to-do-list." Please post pictures!!!!!


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