Thursday, December 15, 2011

Silver Bowls....Silver Bowls.

My husband just rolled his eyes when I showed him my silver bowl from Goodwill. It's beautiful to me. Okay, it has some scuffs on the inside of the bowl....but how cute will be filled with something? Pretty. At $1.99 I am going to be a sucker for silver. I have no choice. So, to prove that I am going to use it, here you go.

First, find a place in my crowded small house.

 My silver bowl. $1.99 Behind it, my $1 wreath from a garage November!!! That was a great find, the garage sale and the wreath! The bowl needs more......

So, I'll fill it with my garage sale candles wrapped in plaid ribbon. Finally a place for those, too. Very simple to make. Now for some greenry.....
We have no fir trees in the yard but, I have rosemary! I love to use it at Christmastime!

Et, VoilĂ . A little Christmas display all for about $3.50....well, the ribbon was $5. I got that for 50% at Michael's. I have a ton left, though. I like the feel of this. Merry Christmas. Time to light the candles!

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