Wednesday, January 4, 2012

White Pitchers; My Eva Zeisel Collection.

Home with the kids, last week of vacation. I have many things I could tackle with this time. I am doing one of the jobs I dread the most. I have taken down all my white pitchers. They are on top of my cabinets in the kitchen. So, I have to get up on a stepladder and onto the counter to get them. It will feels good once it's finished. It's crossed my mind to list them all on Etsy but, never my Eva pieces. As I wash My "Eva" pitchers as I call them, I think back on how I came to own such a fantastic collection.

Most of them down. Still drawn to my "Eva" pitcher and creamer. Simple, elegant.

Here they are. Look at the dust. I am feeling bad that I could let them get they way. They are special to me. Let me tell you the story behind these two.

I spotted this great mid-century white ceramic at a local garage sale, here in Woodland, California. There were many pieces to the collection. As much as I was attracted to them and their smooth appealing, almost sexy design, I knew I could only get the pitcher. After all it was for my collection. I had an excuse. As for the rest; I had no room or excuse. I grabbed only the large one and when she said .75 cents, I went ahead and grabbed the creamer as well. When I got home I did some research and literally ran out the door and jumped back in the car for the other pieces. My husband had no idea what was going on. Crossing my fingers the whole way there and hoping I could find this house again...they were. All the pieces. Still there. Why did I rush back?

Eva Zeisel was a Hungarian artist. She was an amazing artist of modern design. When I began writing my blog today, I of course googled her, where I was saddened to find she died just days ago. Dec. 30, 2011. It was as if I felt the need to do a little homage for such an incredible woman.

Here she is a young woman with some of her pieces.

Here she is in front of her Hallcraft works. This is the bowl I went back to get.

Each piece I found goes for over $100 today. A very good deal at less than $1.  However, it's not the monetary value that makes me cherish my pieces, it's the history behind her and her story. The strength and talent of woman living in different times and letting nothing stand in her way or creativity.

Crate and Barrel brought her works back a few years ago and they did very well.
 Here is what Crate And Barrel had to say about her designs;

A sensuous, multifunctional shape with a pedigreed past is reborn for a new century. Originally designed in 1952 by world-renowned designer Eva Zeisel, this timeless sauce boat makes a comeback in a creamy neutral. Zeisel, considered one of the foremost designers of the 20th century, created sculptural pieces with rounded curves, arches, teardrops and wave motifs. Out of production for many years, during which time it became a collectors' item, this sauce boat has been resurrected just for us. Classic Century dinnerware also available.

Here is my collection. Thank You Eva. You will be missed.


  1. What an unbelievable find!! I'm *insanely* jealous of your luck!

  2. Thanks. It certainly was one of my best finds....ever. :)

    1. Would you be willing to sell the extra white ladle you show in the photo? I am dying for one for my own set which is sadly lacking this one item! If so please contact me at on my email lizanicole @ And congrats on having a lifelong relationship with a design icon. Eva's work is phenomenal on every level!

    2. Hum. Let me think about that. As a collector it's always ard to let go and yet, I also know what it feels like to want something badly!


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