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Legoland, San Diego, California...Things to know!

 I was disappointed before leaving for Legoland. I felt like I couldn't find a lot of information out there about the park or photos. I always want to know the ins and outs of where I am going. I like to be prepared. Here's a quick overview of my visit with Lucie this summer and things I wish I had known.


The entrance was impressive and exciting. The entrance was organized and made for a smooth entrance. The hotel is to the right of Lucie, above, (amazing location) However my first reaction, "Wow, that's small." It was a really tiny building. I didn't go in though. You can make reservations on line and they have themed rooms. If you plan to do the park for a few days, it might be worth it. Downtown San Diego is about 30-40 minutes from Legoland.


I found the prices to be confusing on line. It's about $75 a piece for one park. $89 for two (Amusement Park, Waterpark or Aquarium) Prices are listed, but they only talk about the Waterpark and Aquarium on the left hand side of site. I wish they listed the Amusement Park along with those. For quite a while I didn't even understand/know that there was an amusement park. Not very clear.

My biggest piece of advice...THERE ARE COUPONS in the Legoland Magazine; Buy one adult ticket get one child's ticket free. However, I didn't read the fine was only good for a hopper. We didn't bring our suits or I would have chosen the waterpark. We pick the aquarium and never went. Tickets were still cheaper for the day with the coupon. Saved quite a bit. $100.00 for the both of us. Sign up for the magazine now. It's free.


You WILL pay for parking. $15 for regular. I paid extra to have priority parking. $25 and we were three rows from the entrance. There was an easy exit as well. I am glad I paid extra for this.

A couple (not sure why they wanted to come without kids?)  in front of me at one of the restaurants got two chicken meals, a salad and two drinks. $67. I could tell she was surprise, but I wasn't. I was reading the prices. I got a quartered chicken, beans and fries. That was $15. My plan: Lucie gets the fries, I get the beans we share the large portion of chicken. It was perfect. Kids meals were about the same price. OUR drink? A large plastic water bottle with a straw...I had Diet Coke. It was $9. I could have it filled throughout the park for $1 anywhere. I would recommend this with a large group. They sold apple pie "fries" with whip cream that looked delicious. As far s I know there are no sit down and be waited on restaurants. It's all cafeteria style.


 The park is actually bigger than I expected. We needed the WHOLE day for just the amusement park. We were there from open to close. We never went to the aquarium or waterpark.

I WOULD not go back with Lucas (11). I DO NOT think kids 10 or older would enjoy the park like younger kids. Legoland is wonderful for babies, toddlers and kids around the age of 5-7. The rides are all mild. There is one fast roller-coaster, but it would not be enough for older kids. There are several rides that have Lego stations for kids to play in while parents waited in line. The lines were long in the morning and by late afternoon they were non-existent.
 The Star Wars area is just a row of character statues and a couple models of the Star War's landscapes.
 The mini cities was nice. Both young and old could appreciate this. However...the OCD me was a bit disappointed. Here I have brightened up the photos a bit. Throughout the park, many of the lego sculptures are faded. :( I even noticed a decapitated woman on bench in the mini cities. :( The up keep was lacking. Faded Legos, some broken pieces, chipping paint, etc. could be spotted throughout the park.
 There were fun displays throughout. Some with sound and movement.
 Some fun the pigeons. Nice little touches. But, again, if it's not kept up with you notice that sometimes AND not the little touches.
 Cool sculptures....however many (like the mini cities) catered to adults. A kid might not appreciate this. There re shops throughout the park as well. They sell everything from T-shirts to Lego building kits.

One thing I love throughout the park; the trees, plants and flowers. Very pretty and well kept. 


 The rides... This ride was for 6-13 year old kids. Honestly A 13 year old would look  (and feel) ridiculous riding this. Lucie is 9. She is a VERY small 9. She's about the size of an average 6-7 year old. This was her favorite ride, because you could "earn" a driver's license. BEWARE: That "driver's License" is self-made at a kiosk and they print it out and put it in a plastic lanyard for...$8. can you say no? Lucie was very excited about her license. She's still very young at heart. Not sure most 9 year olds would be as impressed :) She sure LOVED it.
 Like Disneyland, there are different sections or lands to the park. There is a Pirate section, a Kingdom, a Jungle, etc. The map makes it easy to get around. There is a nice variety of rides. All very mild. Wear a swimsuit. There are many water features Even a small park with slides, etc. in the amusement park. There was on kind of scary log ride. We got soaked. That was fun. There are walk in dried for a whole family to dry off. $5 to use. MANY areas for babies and toddlers to play in water. There is a laser ride, like the Toy Story ride at Disneyland. It lacked ambiance and was not exciting.

 Here kids could control the steering on a small slow boat. However, I did see a few kids get stuck. There's a guy that goes out in rubber pants to move the boats. Peaceful, quiet and again.....mild. There are some healthy inter-active rides as you peddle and one you and partner pull yourselves up and then you have the drop. were enjoy themselves with their parents.

This sums up the rides at Legoland...cute, but MILD. Have I already mentioned that? Visit Legoland while your kids are Little!

 You won't see too many characters around the park. We spotted ONE, near the entrance. They do have shows....some characters were dancing at the entrance towards the end of the day, and there were a couple stages throughout the park for fun shows. There are people taking your picture throughout the park and on cameras on most of the roller-coasters.

I would recommend Legoland for families with toddlers. I would not go back with a 9 and 11 year old. I was glad I hadn't paid for Lucas to go. Great memories with Lucie. She had a blast.
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  1. Mary,

    Thank you so much for all the information regarding Legoland. I was surprised to hear that there wasn't much info on the specifics of it but glad we had you to share with us all much of the details. Awesome! I am definitely signing up for the Lego magazine. I'm hoping we can make it this summer if not next year. We are suppose to be going to Temecula for a wedding, in August so I'm hoping we can tag Lego land on the end of this trip. Again, thank you for all the info and your personal thoughts.

  2. I'm glad you took the time to give a thorough review. It will help a lot of people decide whether it's worth it for their family. There's a Legoland here in Florida, too and I have heard it is a disappointment. My sons grew up loving Legos and I've wondered if they would visit and want to go but now I'm thinking it's more geared for little kids. Everything is so expensive in places like that! It would be a shock for me! You took great photos and your daughter really look cute! It looks like she had fun!

  3. Karen, You made some beautiful memories with Lucie. She'll always remember. My 9 yr.old g.daughter is at Disney world in Orlando right now. Her mom and dad arranged for her to have breakfast with the princesses/ I wish they could have done that last year or the one before...she may be too old now..she seems to not be so interested in the princess things. But she looked happy in the texted photos. Enjoy you weekend. I miss visiting lots of blogs, cause my computer keeps locking up. xoxo,Susie

  4. Oh Karen, how fun! Your photos are fabulous and I especially love the mini cities...the helicopters are pretty neat as well. My son would love to visit Legoland (maybe sometime in the future). Great memories for you and your family. Thanks for sharing with us and have a lovely weekend!


  5. I'm so glad I read this post. My boys are HUGE Lego fans and last year when we were in California we (parents) decided to skip Legoland and the drive down, to do Disney and other things around LA. We had a hunch they'd be too old (8&10)and get bored but I've been feeling bad since because they are big Lego fans. It seems we were right! I think we would have wasted time and money. Thanks for your very honest look at Legoland.

  6. Thanks for sharing. This looks so fun for the kids!

  7. What great pictures. It looks like you had fun. Legos is still new to me, I had no idea what Legoland was all about. Thanks for sharing.

  8. My boys LOVE Legos, and we were considering the Florida park. It sounds like they'd have a better time being "chaperones" to the little ones (my big boys are 15 and 12, littlies are 6 and 3) than going for themselves, so if we're going to go, it better be soon! Thanks for the review!

    Following from the "I love my post" link-up!

  9. Karen,
    Legoland looks so delightful! I've never heard of this place before. Lucie is having the time of her life! My son used to love Legos when he was little, and made the most creative things.

    I didn't realize it was so close to San Diego. Isn't San Diego wonderful? I have a good time when I'm there; there's so much to see and do.


  10. Looks like a lot of fun. We have a smaller Lego Land in Orlando and the kids would play there for hours when they were younger. Looks like you are having a wonderful summer. Enjoy it all, my friend.

  11. This is a great review! We took our kids to the CA Legoland when they were 2,4,and 6 and they all loved it...I thought the same as was a bit rundown, rides were okay, but not thrilling AT ALL, and everything was way overpriced. But they had a great time, so it was fine. We went to the FL one in December (kids now 5,7, and 9) and they were pretty much all bored after a couple of hours. IT was a cool day (60 degrees or so) and there were literally maybe 100 people at the whole park. We rode and rode the rides, but they're just not exciting (especially after Disney!).


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