Monday, March 26, 2012

Wine Glass Grip For Dishwasher

Just found these on sale at Target. Honestly, I would have passed these up, but two things caught my eye.....the picture of a wine glass and the sale sticker. $3.48 for a set of four. Genius! Slip them on the rods, grip them to the stem.

I tried to find them on-line, but had no luck. I did notice they are hard to come by. I found this but, it looks a bit awkward:

What do you think??

When I have people over we go through a lot of wine, Champagne, etc. I am always fearful the stemware will break in the machine. I am usually hand washing at least 10-20 glasses after a dinner party. Is this going to Change my life? No, but it will definitely make it better!

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  1. I really need this kind of racks for my wine glass and maybe there are some other holders for Glass Coasters


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