Sunday, March 11, 2012

Garage Sale Season

I swore. I promised. I vowed to myself....NO MORE CLOTHES for Lucie. I really did well yesterday, for me. I saw the piles of pink, ribbon bows, sequences, you name and I didn't even glance over. I must have told myself several times. No. Nope, no more clothes for Lucie. But, then I remember she did ask for a swimsuit. She needs some new ones. Most of her suits come from garage sales. I know, cringe, but, these women could be my friends. We share right? besides, I wash everything the minute I get home. It's part of my garage sale ritual. I broke down at one garage sale and had a small relapse. She had the cutest things and was getting rid of the her twin girls' bedroom items. Up-dating. So....I did get some clothes for Lucie. Not like I have in the past. In the past the entire back seat has been completely packed with clothes for her. I have dressers filled to the brim with size 10 things she will get soon. Her closet is packed from left to right with no room to budge. So...I was good. Here are a few things I couldn't pass up.

I couldn't buy Lucie clothes without buying a few things for her American Girl Dolls. All of these were $7. They are all in great shape and adorable.

American Girl Doll Clothes $7

I probably spent the same on Lucie! :) Here are some of the things I bought for her yesterday:

These don't count. She needs swimsuits! I love the Surf shirt. It will be great in the hot sun in Vegas this summer! No sunburns please! The blue bikini is Old Navy. Always check the elastic on swimsuits at garage sales. These both past my test.

New Sandals. These don't count either. She always needs new shoes and can wear these to school since they have a back strap. 50 cents. I don't think they were ever worn.

I couldn't pass up the pink Gap vest. Lucie may only wear it a few times this year but, at $2 I think that's okay. It was cute. Perfect condition. The sweater and sweatshirt may make it to next year. Both cute and practical. $3.50 total here.

At these prices, most $1 or 50 cents, you never feel bad about the big stain they come with the first time they wear "New" clothes. The Roxy sweatshirt they leave on the playground and never come home with....oh, well I can get another one next Saturday.

This is the perfect example of what Lucie DOES NOT need. This will be her favorite though. It's grown up and "fancy' She has a pair of brown sling back peep toe "high heels" that will match. $1.00 for a Bonnie Jean dress in perfect shape.
She'll love this. doesn't need it. I think I saw these recently at Target. It's new...I don't think they ever wore it. Funky and fun. 50 cents.
Soft fuzzy robe. Lucie loves robes. it's cute. Looks new. 50 cents.
So, this is me being good and not buying much. It's really hard NOT to buy things when they are $1 to 50 cents.

Besides, how long will I be able to do this? She loves everything I buy her at garage sales. She loves having all these clothes and never questions were they come from. When I see something I really like at more expensive stores I can buy them because, well, I never HAVE to buy any clothes from a store. So, when I do, it's just for fun.

Lucie loved all the Clothes!

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