Sunday, March 4, 2012

French Raclette

Have you ever had a Raclette? Chances are, if you have been to France during the winter months and stayed with French friends, you may have experienced this fun tradition. You can easily re-create that experience here in the United States. A raclette is melted "raclette" cheese poured over small baby potatoes and deli specialties such as Prosciutto, Pancetta and salame. What's not to love?

When I was young and living in France the first time...I was just getting used to all the courses of the French meal. ALWAYS remembering that five more platters would be coming out of the kitchen and take teeny tiny amounts. This always confused me and I found eating out at peoples' homes to be stressful. I just wasn't used to it. Always course after course....except of "course" the raclette. It is the only course served and this tends to be an exception in France. I learned the hard way. The first time at a friends house I was so careful to only take one sample of the raclette and eat it painstaking slow. Only to find out, that was it. No more course. I was starving and mad that my boyfriend at the time hadn't warned me. :)

A raclette is a great choice for entertaining as it is unique and easy.

Here's what you'll need:

1) A raclette appliance. Actually easier to acquire than one would think. I was sad I had to leave mine behind in France but, thrilled that I found one at!

It's surprising how many there are to choose from!

2) Raclette cheese. This can be found or special ordered at a gourmet deli/grocery store. The reason we had raclette tonight is that I stumbled on a nice piece at a great store in Sacramento. If you're a foodie and live in Sacramento you know about Corti Bros. it's been around since 1947. Excellent products and gourmet finds. The Nugget, and David Berkeley's in Sacramento also carry it or will special order it for you. I have gotten it from both place. Since it's not popular in the United States it comes with a price tag. My chunk (about 1.25 lbs. was $20) That's okay. It's a once a year deal.

3) Pork cold cuts. Here is what I bought: Parmesan Salame, Ham, Parma Proscuittto, a Domestic Proscuitto, Molinari Pancetta, Mortadella, Coppa, and Genova Salame. You can't go wrong. Get what looks delicious.

4) Baby fingerling potatoes.

5) White wine to enjoy with the raclette

6) and I suggest a fruit for dessert....this is a filling meal.

Here is the raclette:

Here's my raclette I purchased on It's a Hamilton Beach. It's large and serves over 8 people if need be. The top serves as a warmer for you potatoes.

My Raclette cheese. Sliced to fit nicely in the small spatula like holders below the big grill on the raclette. 

Although my husband is French,he is a poor example. No French person on Earth would pile up their food like that. One at a time and slowly. I think he was excited.

Waiting for the bubbling cheese.

I was pleasantly surprised that Lucas gave it a try this time, especially since I went overboard on everything! He had a lot of fun!

Keep in mind this is perfect for a chilly cold evening in Winter!

I'd like to thank my friend Nathalie who recently posted about having raclette with her friends in France. I had it on my mind when I asked at Corti Bros.
  Her blog is great!


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