Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Lucie's Paris Party. Fleur de Lis Cupcake Toppers.

It's getting closer! On Thursday, Lucie will be 8!! I am pretty much spending all my free time this week prepping for it. Today I made all the cupcakes for her classroom. Now there are about 30 students in the class!!! I'll keep them frozen until Thursday when I pull them out to frost them. As I was making the cupcakes, I got an idea for cute cupcake toppers. So, I just made 35 of them. It was pretty easy. Here is how they look...

Here is how to make them:
I LOVE the scalloped look the cupcake holders give them...perfect for the "French" look.

Alittle hot-glue. Enough to make the paper on top stick :)

Et Voila....cupcake toppers.


  1. Hello! I love your idea and am going to use it for my son's Eagle Court of Honor celebration. Where can I find those paper scissors you have in the picture? Thanks Nicki

  2. You can find the paper punches at any Micheal's Joanne's or Hobby Lobby. I like Micheal's because they go on sale for 40% off quite often!! You can buy the paper and cupcake holders there too!! Have fun making them!


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