Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Dollar Store Pumpkins Up-cycle. Oh, Glitter Makes The World Go Round.

This Dollar Store pumpkin is so sad and cheap looking. From the cheesy bright orange color to the pathetic seam. Add a little glitter and you have a sweet pumpkin dream!

It seriously takes two seconds. Here is my trick....and oh what a treat.

Use a file folder for small objects! Hold in the hand or spray object while suspended. Don't spray near the file folder. You don't want it to get tacky.

Once your pumpkin is well coated in the adhesive spray, set it down on the file folder and pour away. For these pumpkins I chose Martha Stewart's, Fire opal glitter. I love this color. Her glitter is a dollar more than the other brands, but it's such a nice, thin, soft texture and the small jar will really last a long time. It completely changed the color and look of these cheap pumpkins. The glitter was  $4.99 And as you'll see...thanks to the file folder, almost all of it got poured back in.

Love my file folders for this. As you can see the jar is still virtually full. Since I really like this color I may have to make another trip to The Dollar Store :)
What else I can glitter-up around here???

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