Saturday, September 24, 2011

Halloween Decorating

One of my favorite times of year. This is gargoyle, glitter, paper wheel and crow year. Today I finished my small buffet and my little console. I am sure there will be some rearranging, but for now I am happy.

 My hand-crafted "vintage" paper wheels hang above my birdcages $3 a piece at garage sales this summer. You can see my thrift store candle the black and orange harlequin look, 99 cents. I might shift some things about but, I am pretty content with the feel.

My crow with his hand-crafted "vintage" sheet music hat.

Meet the great grandparents....Olive and Lewis:

Muaha hahaha

 Creepy crawlies....

My table drapes, from The Dollar Store, my small apothecary jars from a recent garage sale at 50 cents a piece...

You gotta love glitter on a gargoyle!

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