Saturday, March 9, 2013

Guy Buffet Dishes and a Quiche Lorraine!

 We are having lunch with some great French friends today. I got involved with a "French Speaking Moms" group when we first moved back from France.

 Turns out one of the women in the group lived 10 minutes away from Stan’s parents in France. We both lost our father's a year apart from Cancer. Nathalie was the first person to show up at my mom's, with her mom...and a gigantic bouquet of flowers.

We'll have a champagne and Chemin Blanc with our quiche.  

I bought breakfast style bundt cake, have fresh fruit and plan on make a green salad. Nathalie has a boy, Luc and girl, Margaux. Lucie and Lucas are very excited to see them today! Can you believe the kids will be dinging outside! It's a beautiful day!

I was excited to find these plates at a garage sale. The whole lot of 7 were $4. Perfect shape.

I found an entire set of Rogers sliver plated flatware from 1928. They were just PART of a huge box of silver I found for $24. I thought these looked great with my Guy Buffet plates.

 This is my favorite quche recipe. I only change two things. I buy a pre-made crust and do not use milk.

The directions. I do everything they suggest, except...I don't make my own crust AND I do not use MILK!!! I use a Mexican cream I found to very similar to French Creme Fraiche, but a fraction of the price.


This quiche is delicious! Quiche is easy to make. If you have never made a quiche,  I suggest you try it. It might become one of your favorites! It's a great dish to bring to a potluck or serve for brunch! A crowd pleaser! I hope you get a chance to make this!

Bisous!!  Karen

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  1. Oh Karen, this looks delicious and I'll be 'pinning' this to have a go. The table setting looks wonderful and isn't a small world really that the women of the group lived so near to your other half's father. Enjoy the rest of your weekend. Chel x

  2. It all looks wonderful. You sure have a knack for finding great deals - great dishes.

    Have a wonderful time with your special French friends.

  3. Your table looks beautiful, Karen. That is the exact recipe I use except I use 1/2 & 1/2 (or heavy cream) instead of the milk. I always put freshly ground black pepper on top, too. SOOOO good! xo Diana ps. Have never heard of Mexican cream....

  4. What a great table! I love those plates you got! Garage sales are the best! Thanks for the recipe too! That looks yummy!

    I woule love for you to come and share this post on my brand new link party...the FESTIVE FRIDAY FIESTA! It's running now through tomorrow at Noon ET.

    Here's the link if you're interested...

    Come on over and bring your friends! It's quite "festive"! Sure would love to see you there!

    Thanks for sharing this and I hope you have a great rest of your weekend!!!

  5. Karen, your guests are going to feel special dining at this table. Love your menu, especially that glass of champagne! The plates are fun. Glad they found you. Enjoy the evening.........Sarah

  6. The plates were an awesome find and the quiche looks divine!

    Jenna @

  7. know how to set a gorgeous table and make a memorable meal. I do my quiche very similar to yours but use cream in place of milk. And I will definitely do the onions in the bacon fat. And...I am so happy that you found the silver,,,what a deal!!


  8. That flatware!! I'm in love. I'm also totally jealous that you have a French-speaking Mom's Club. I want to be in it, but I only took two semesters of French in high school. LOL! Does that count?? In all seriousness, I would love to be fluent in that language. It's so romantic and truly beautiful - like your tablescape!


  9. The perfect meal! I love quiche. Love the plates. I wanted those when they first came out. A wonderful find. You look to be a wonderful hostess! I've so enjoyed your visits over on my blog!

  10. Your quiche lookes delicious and what a beautiful table setting!...Christine

  11. Looks so yummy, and I love your table decor!

  12. Wow! What great deals on the plates and on the flatware! Your table looks so pretty. I know your friends enjoyed it, and I know they enjoyed the quiche too. Thank you for sharing the recipe. laurie

  13. I am beyond SERIOUS when I say PERFECTION . I wish I had an invitation to come to such a lovely table. WITH the berries too in the mix.. Can we say YUMO on the recipe.. YOUR amazing, love it all..Sherry @ The Rusty Pearl

  14. Your group sounds like a lot of fun. Everything looks so darn good! I really like quiche, must try your recipe.

  15. I love quiche and I bet with your cream it is fabulous!!! How wonderful to have friends from "HOME"?


  16. Karen,
    Your table looks beautiful and so inviting. Your guests I sure felt special. The quiche looks so yummy and I think I am going to try your recipe. Hope the visit was really nice.

  17. Bonjour Karen ,
    Votre table est juste MAGNIFIQUE!!


    Bonne journée!!

    xxx Maria xxx

  18. I hope you had a wonderful time with your friends - and that Champagne tasted great! PS: love love love the sweet quirky plates, they are absolutely charming!

  19. You find the most incredible dinnerware Karen!!!
    I LOVE them - dinner sounded delish - I love quiche - but pick them up at my local patisserie - lazy like that!

  20. Hi Karen,
    How are you? Hope you have a great mid-week.

    Now your talking! Garage sale? That's an incrible find. I am envious, LoL*

    I am drooling not with your dishes without your meal too? I can see that you have a pound cake in the side. Yummy...

    Happy Mid-Week.

    Greetings from Stockholm,
    /CC girl from D´Box


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