Tuesday, August 14, 2012

First Vendor Experience

Aughhh. I should have known that having the air conditioner go out on Friday was a sign. We were in for 107 degree weather all weekend and I was going to have my first vendor show, outside? There were several times my husband looked and me and said, sure we want to do it? Somehow at some point we decided to go through with it. I don't regret it completely, but there were tears.
I am the quintessential Virgo and had everything planned out.
But with blazing hot temperatures I just felt like throwing everything on the table and pouring a bottle of water over my head.
My vintage suitcase and Shabby Brocante banner.... So worried I didn't have enough confetti. Didn't sell any. I might wander aimlessly through the house today throwing it around like a crazed woman. Without air conditioning it reaches about 91 degrees inside the house by 5 p.m.
On this side I had my moss letters and burlap things. I sold a few scrabble letter magnets and one chalkboard frame.  What a mess this is. 107 degrees and very little shade, who cares! Oh, and just look at that crowd. Everyone comes out on a nice day like that! :)
Nothing sold here. Look at that vintage sheet music. Cute little girl. Moss letters are my best seller in Etsy.  I made so many for this show. 
I thought this would cool people off. Nope. Didn't sell one tussie mussie. Is it the crowd? Lack there of?  You start to doubt everything. 
This was our big seller. Tomato juice?? It was a Tomato Festival. :) Had to convince my husband to open on the coolers and show off the goods. Once we did, we were selling them like crazy. So stupid with the Styrofoam cooler back there. I am telling you, I had no energy to make things look any better than they were.
My banner looked cute.....not as cute Lucie though! I am so Lucky I had Lucie and Stan. Boy, were they helpful. Well, except the time Lucie said "A  $1.50,  that's expensive, Mom." right in front a woman. that...not so good. Her enthusiastic energy throughout the day...good.  Stan fixed up a car battery we had in the garage and added a cigarette lighter deal and I had a working fan on me all day.  That made it bearable.

It was disappointing to have sold close to nothing. Too hot to make my displays nice and overall discouraging.  When I drove away with Lucie  and my big hot red tomato face, I burst into tears. I made enough to cover the price of the booth and to buy a pizza that night. Oy Vey. So much work. Stan is convinced we should try again. I was impressed with his attitude and interest in the whole thing. I am very lucky.

The next day the kids went to an amusement park with friends and I had a much needed date day with Stan. We went to see Hope Springs.  Excellent movie, nice lunch.....maybe I'll stick to those two activities from now on. :)


  1. Thanks for visiting Linderhof. Sorry about your bad day! We've too been suffering here and I knoww that our Farmer's Market isn't as busy as it should be!

  2. Oh, that is so frustrating to go to all that work and then have dismal sales. I am sure next time will be better - and hopefully cooler :)

  3. Oh so sorry it didn't quite work out as planned. YOur pictures are stunning and I love all of your treasures. I am sure the next sale will be much better. You have some fantastic things there. I was drooling over a ton of things. Hugs, Marty

  4. Mary,
    You need a little magic...the genie from Aladdin's Lamp..."Never give up"!!! Fall is to trade fairs as it is to Salmon and Trout...for them feeding frenzie, for us "$hopping Frenzie". I agree with Stan...give it another try! You have lovely merchandise! Thanks for your sweet comment and visit On Crooked Creek today! Stop by again soon!

  5. so sorry your first experience wasn't wonderful:( i've done lots of shows-one thing i learned is that no two are the same:) your creations are lovely-don't give up!

  6. I admire the heck out of your perseverance. As far as I can tell from your photos and post, the only thing wrong with this day was the heat. Your booth looks adorable, your merchandise even more-so. I know from experience that for no apparent reason at all, you have a big sales day one day, and the next a dismal one. One day you might sell a lot of one thing and the next day, something else entirely with no rhyme nor reason to it. But in your case, you know it was the heat. Bad luck, not a bad booth. I sure hope you try again.


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