Thursday, August 23, 2012

First day of School!

Yesterday was Lucas (pronounced Luca) and Lucie's first day of school.

Lucas and Lucie ready for school!
 Lucas is in 6 Th grade. It's his last year of elementary school here in Woodland, California. Lucas goes to Beamer, a dual-immersion school, where he has English classes half the day (English and Math) and he has another teacher for Spanish (Science and Social Studies.) Lucas is completely bi-lingual now after 7 years of Spanish immersion. There are no Spanish classes, it has just been taught to them in one subject or another since Kindergarten. Lucas came home with some exciting news......Maestro Sergio let him know that he got 100% AGAIN on the state testing in math. Amazing. We are very proud.
Lucie in front of Mrs. Ziegler's classroom
 Lucie just transferred out to an English only school as we thought she need extra emphasis in English only. Lucie has gained more confidence here at Zamora Elementary school. I hope it continues as well as her growth. Speaking of growth, can you believe she's be 9 in September? We have had her tested as she is about the size of a 5 year old. Poor little Lucie girl. She is just the sweetest. She's wearing a size 6 skinny jeans. I have the same problem...when buying my skinny jeans I always have to go down several sizes!!! Bahahahaha. We are positive and hoping for a big growth spurt this year!

It was perfect last year as Lucas was in the after school program and Lucie took the bus to and from Zamora every day. I never had to worry where I worked and when. Both the bus and after school program bought me enough time to pick them up after work. GUESS WHAT? I promised Lucas his last year he didn't have to go to the after school program..............AND over the summer they cut all the buses in our town. NO MORE school buses. Good luck folks, figure it out. There is NO more money for our schools here in California. I am not sure how I am going to do it. I work at the high schools and Junior highs....well Junior HIGH. I can no longer work and the Junior high that gets out late. The kids would have to wait over an hour for me if I did. I have to pick the kids up at two different schools in opposite ends of town. They will both be waiting over 30 for me. I can no longer work on Wednesdays as the elementary schools get out an hour earlier than the Jr. high and high schools. Oh man.

So, would you believe I met a new mom at Lucie's school yesterday that said, " Can I help? Would Lucie like to walk home with us everyday?" I live around the corner. After several texts and a's going to happen! When times get tough, people come together. I am very lucky. I think most days I'll be there right as they are getting home. I am hoping it won't be too much for her. I still made the right choice to change schools. Each child is different and this was best for Lucie. Easy for us? No. But, best for Lucie.

So, that's it.......first day of school. I start tomorrow. I am subbing for high school math. Momma never got a 100% on any math test, especially not the state tests, so hopefully no one will ask any questions tomorrow!


  1. They look like they are ready for school. So cute!

  2. I'm glad it all worked out! "Can I help?" is so often the words we are looking for in an unpleasant situation. Yeah for Lucas and his test score and Lucie looks adorable.

  3. Hi Karen: You are going to be a busy lady, but no doubt you can handle it. If you've gotten through these many years with kids already, you can do anything. Congratulations to Lucas on his math test. That is pretty inspiring and to hear that he speaks fluent Spanish also. It's such a happy trip for me remembering back to first days of school..Happy Thursday..Judy

  4. Oh- They sure are cute kids- They are getting so big. You sound like one busy gal..and how wonderful that you have some "walk-home" help. Congrats to Lucas on his math score. You must be SOOOO proud. Blessings to you these first days of schooling- xo Diana

  5. What sweet looking kids. I am so glad it worked out with another mom being able to help out! Hope you have a wonderful year!!!


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