Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Mini Paris Bell Jar

Today I am sharing one of my first posts from over a year ago. I don't think I even had a follower than. I am excited to be joining Marty's Cloche Party! I used my vintage Straffordshire Dishes from the 1930s. A little hand-me-down from my mother. If, you saw my recent post about my plate addition...I didn't even include these. I am sad to say, they are stashed in the garage. If I had a hutch they would be the set I'd display.  I remember my mom using these at all her dinner parties. If, you aren't already following Mary's "A Stroll Thur Life," you are missing out! She's got a fantastic blog!

Here's my original post:

Playing with my new bell jar. I wanted to add some fresh flowers from my garden. I tried to capture (literally....) some memories of Paris.


  1. Perfect!
    Roses, Eiffel Tower and pretty dishes! How on earth can you go wrong!?


  2. Your choche is awesome. It is soft and romantic, and I really love the red flowers. The proportions of your treasures are great.

    I love cloches. They are so versatile.

    Thanks for sharing.


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