Saturday, July 16, 2011

Lucie's Paris Party

Lucie turns 8 this September, so I have begun preparing for her party. This year she gets to invite two girls out for pedicures and dinner at our house afterward with both families. We are going for the black and pink "Paris" look. I have finished three projects so far. A wreath for the door, place-cards and table decorations. I can't believe how easy they were to do!

Making a birthday door wreath:

I got lucky, she's turning 8. Easy....two small round Styrofoam wreaths from Joannes. I bought the cheapest. It's all you need. They can be pricey. I am going to be looking for these at garage sales now! Glue the two "wreaths" together with your glue gun. You have one by now, I know you must. Glue the ribbon on to fit the door and length you want. It will be hidden by the cupcake holders.

Using a pencil, or any long pointy tool, wrap cupcake holders neatly around it. Add a dab of glue from your glue gun and press them gently into the Styrofoam. The glue gun glue is a must! It works like a charm. Keep going until it's full and the shape looks good. I trimmed the edges with the pink and black ribbon to give it more of a finished look. Again, I used the glue gun.

Et voila! Now we just need to hang it.....

I might need a pink and black graphic for her name!

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