Thursday, November 15, 2012

My New Hutch

I've kept my eye out for some sort of hutch. I wasn't really looking though, when I found this on Craigslist. Up early as always, with everyone asleep...I took measurements, wrote an email, copied down the phone number and plotted.

By, 8:30 a.m I was first in line. As a blogger, I was feeling guilty that I didn't find it for $25 and repaint in myself, but for a mere $300 I thought I’d save myself a lot of work. I was tickled when we got it home and even the old light bulb was working. had no idea it was lighted when we went to see it.
Poor Stan. Woken up at 8:30 a.m. to be told he has to help me figure out what type of U-haul to rent. He's barely awake and so afraid of what I am up to now.
When we arrive to see the hutch, I immediately asked if he was set and firm on $300. He simply said, "No." So I said, would you take $250....thinking that's the $50 for the trailer we have to rent. He said yes. Stan was impressed with bargaining and frankly I am impressed that Stan and I got it into the house on our own with no problems.

My dad's family sugar spoon. No longer in a cupboard.

Stan is a good sport. He even took the kids to the park, because he knew momma wanted to play with her new toy.

Best of all....a place for my knee hugger elves and of course my Eva Zeisel Hallcraft dishes that were just stuck in a cupboard. Read about those Here

I know I'll have fun with it and even just having three more "cabinet" draws in my tiny house will help! I'll be changing this up a lot. What do think? Good deal?


  1. Oh I love it! I think it was a great find and already finished! So beautiful!

    1. Thanks, Danni!! I wasn't sure if it would fit there well or be too bulky, but it works. I like it. So glad I didn't have to paint, etc. :)

  2. You got a fabulous deal! WOW! It's perfect and the price is excellent. The kids sure look cute all dressed up in their cute outfits! And I love your little pixies...I collect them, too!

  3. I love your beautiful hutch! You've filled it with lovely collections, which I love too.

  4. Looks awesome!! And so worth the money great job and good job bargaining. Your things look perfect in it

  5. What a great deal! Love your new'll have a lot of fun decorating and redecorating that baby!! Lol!!

  6. If you feel it's a good deal...than it is! I think it's pretty and you have lovely dishes displayed in it! I would like to paint one of mine...hubby says NO WAY!!!

  7. Hi Karen Mary Butterfly! (Love your name!) I am your newest follower. Was cruising your blog and thought I had better comment before I am off to another one of your posts. Love your cabinet! Gorgeous. Now you can store all of your dishes that you can't part with. Yes I read that post too! Love your blog. Cheers.

  8. I think your kids are cute as two little buttons, and I think your hutch is beyond awesome. You definitely got a good deal because you didn't have to paint it, lugging it in and out or having the house messed up for a week or more while painting. Love the way you have it decorated and you'll enjoy every season changing things up a bit. Great job! Mary

  9. Definitely an amazing deal! Paint isn't free. Your time isn't free. Factor those in and you basically paid nothing for your new hutch! ; )


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